Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's my party..

Once again please excuse the horrible (rainy day lighting) and blurriness.. eek
Oh well, I was rushing..
Anyway check out Maddie's birthday dress !!! We totally switched from a Mermaid party to a Nemo party.
The child loves Nemo or Mo as she calls it. I have always loved the pillowcase dresses. And couldn't resist this one. I love polka dots anyway but the colors are so cute together don't you think. I got her a matching fish ribbon clip for her hair..
All of the party supplies are blue and orange. With some Nemo themed stuff thrown in.
I even got glass fish bowls to pull goldfish and swedish fish in. I am also attempting to make the cake.
We'll see if that changes as it gets closes. Hard to believe my baby will be 2 in May!! whew time flies.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Bayan Hippo

Check out this cute little pin, with a grape charm, and a cute bead. What a unique touch
Can I just say I am lovin the kangaroo pouch on the outside perfect for sunglasses & cellphone.

Check out my new spring bag., Sorry for the bad lighting eek.
(Well it really isn't new I bought it in January for a birthday present for myself.)
I had some paypal $ burning a hole in my pocket. ha,ha  I got it from Bayan Hippo on Etsy. I am always searching for the perfect bag. I am a purse addict! I have gotten much better. I love this bag. Fits my requirements, one strap, outside pocket. Bag has two inside big pockets, key clasp (for holding your car keys)  Hard to tell in the pictures but it's a pleasant dusty yellow (Lemonade it's called in her shop). 
Check out Bayan Hippo's shop on Etsy! Right now she's having 10% off

Adkins Arboretum

Love the green moss, the leafy plants in the back are called skunk cabbage. Wonder how they came up with that name ? Do they smell like skunk ?

Daddy & Maddie, first time using our Jogging stroller. This was a hand me down from a neighbor

Thought I'd share a few pictures from last weekend, we set out to enjoy the beautiful weather with a nature walk at Adkins Arboretum in Denton.  We had a nice walk until we were almost at the end of the trail and Maddie started crying, I mean crying we couldn't figure out what happened. Neither one of us could get her to settle down. We tried everything, food, snacks, silly faces. We took her shoes & shirt off. Thinking maybe a bug had bit her. Nope could find anything!! She cried the whole time we put her in the car seat and for another 15 minutes till we got down the rode a bit and all of the sudden. She just stopped! I have no idea what happened. I thought maybe a bug flew into her face, eye, hair ???

We had a good weekend, bought some birthday supplies. Hard to believe Maddie will be 2 !!! in May
whew.. time flies.. Maddie and I did some junktiquing (spelling?) on saturday. Found some great stuff.
My favorite was some vintage fabric and sewing stuff.
Ooh and yesterday I never made it to the trade show at Perry Cabin. Things just didn't work out.
I was nervous about attending anyway. Like am I good enough kind of stuff., and of course what do I wear ?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Junktique Finds

I had to have this sign, I love the color. bought this on our trip antiquing in PA
My latest find, locally and in my favorite color !!
bought this lil treasure at a consignment shop locally, makes a cute baby jade pot. Sits in my windowsill
bought this tea towel, made into a pillow. Coming up soon in my ETSY shop
bought this cool flour sack with the green pitcher above, just SOLD it in my etsy shop
Look at the bread shooting out of the chimney isn't that awesome.

Just put these in my shop, cute vintage pillow cases. Two different colors could be his & hers
bought this cute picture, getting ready to put in my shop
Okay saved the best for last, not the best picture but this is the find I was talking about yesterday.
I paid $25!! Can't wait to get started sanding it., hoping to paint it white or robins egg blue.
Any suggestions ? That flap folds down and is a writing desk., inside are all sorts of cubbies
and drawers, all of the skelton keys are included. I love the hardware too.
 Hubby thinks it's junk, but I have big

Hoping to hit some yard sales this weekend or the flea market. Sunday I am going to stop in and check this Mini Tradeshow put on by the Savvy Photographer. How awesome is this that they're going to be local.
I couldn't afford the workshop :( Maybe one day.  It's at the fancy smancy Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels.  But am going to check out the tradeshow. Can't wait to see Wild Sorbet's frame's. Hoping to check out the grounds to while I am there, I grew up in St. Michaels but never been to the Inn at Perry Cabin. It just wasn't for locals, made for tourists. Nothing wrong with that.
Did you know Wedding Crashers & Clara's Heart were filmed there ?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Local Favorites

Love the yellow and the red together.. Do you see the lil benches by the front door ? Aren't they cool !
Liken the cedar shake and the blue door.
Love this house, the color is cute, not sure what that package is on the front
You've seen this one before, but it's a favorite.
Why do people just leave old houses like this one abandoned ?

So finally here is part 3 of my dream house posts, These are local houses that I like. I have a few more just couldn't find the time to take pictures of them all.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A day at the park

whoa! someone needs a hair cut!

After my trip to Longwood Gardens on saturday, we thought we'd rush out to enjoy the sunshine at the park with Maddie. I love Oxford park, it's quiet and quaint. I love the little town of Oxford, it reminds me of St. Michaels before it got crazy big. I also love the strand in Oxford., a little stretch of beach by the ferry. 
On another note., I am normally the one behind the camera, but Tom snapped a few of me pushing Maddie on the swings. And guess what, you'll never see them. I look pregnant!! eek  My belly is huge!
You ever look and the mirror and think you look okay ? and then see a picture of yourself and think OMG!!
What was I thinking.. And it's not just muffin top it's a flabbie belly. Yuck!!

Anyway enough about that., I have a junk find post coming up. So get ready. Full of my latest junk finds.
Last night I scored big., at least I think I did. I found a cool cabinet. Hard to explain it's like a secretary desk with glass doors and 3 drawers. It needs some tlc.. but I am hoping to paint it white or a robin's egg blue.
It's going to be a project but I'm up for the challenge.
I found it on my way to daycare, there is a house by my daycare  that always has stuff sitting out by the road for sale.  They have some unique stuff sometimes.

Off to get my hair cut on my lunch break today! whew it needs it!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Grounds

Hallway to the Orchid house
Topiary Garden

One of the tree house. So cool !

Here are a few more, Hard to pick from the 300 pictures I took.
Plus I don't want to bore you with too many more.
Thought I'd include a couple of the grounds and a few others.
Check out that tree house, nothing in there just a cool little lookout point.
While the others were taking pictures, I had finished early and decide to people watch on the bench.
We an array of people coming thru this place.

Today is my hubby's birthday, 32 ! whoa we're getting old. ha,ha
Off to celebrate with lunch at our fave Mexician Restaurant.
We are having Grilled Tuna steak & Carrot Cake tonight !!

Made another Etsy sale Yay!!
Ordered Etsy Moo cards with a special promotion they're having you get 50 free cards.
You just pay the shipping. Pretty awesome!
I am working on my shop, need to figure out
packaging and a banner.

Monday, March 22, 2010


don't these look like spiders..

Had a wonderful time at Longwood Gardens, lots of beautiful stuff. Not much blooming outside but inside the Conservatory it was unbelieveable. This month was the Orchid Extravaganza. Tons and tons of Orchids. It smelled so good in there, but after awhile my nose started running.. I know we spendt a good 1 -2 hours in the Conservatory. They had the cutest little childrens garden. I'd love to take Maddie there when she gets older.  And let me tell you that was a workout. The grounds are huge, everything is far apart. And  my butt is sore. My legs hurt, make that burn in some  I am so out of shape.
Guess it didn't help that Sunday we went on a nature hike.. yikes.
I didn't post many pictures I was so tired last night. It was a long beautiful weekend. We couldn't have asked for better weather. Plus my mother in law bought me New Moon so I wanted to watch that AGAIN!!!
I'll post more pictures later, so much to share.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Take time to smell the ...

 Caught Maddie bending down to take of whiff of these dead black eyed susans..
So cute! If only they were in full bloom.

Lots of things blooming & sprouting up.. Can't wait to get to work on my flower beds.
What beautiful weather we are having!! Luv it.. Looking forward to a great weekend.
Off to Longwood Gardens tomorrow for a Photo shoot w/my buds at the Tidewater Camera Club.
Can't wait to try out my new lens.

Its been a good week, the weather has gotten me out of my funk.
I received copies of the Beaufort Wine & Food Weekend brochures
(with my name listed in them) eek so excited!

Have a great weekend! Get outside and enjoy it!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NC Dream Houses

My DREAM house!!!  Love the color the style. The Porch ! etc. etc...
This house is awesome, on a corner lot. Has white picket fence. A mother in law suite.
Which would be awesome for house guests. (The kind that don't stay for 6 months or longer) ha,ha
Sorry! Rude.

ooh luv the built ins ~ I'd put my pottery & my twilight books here.. ha ha
Another Cute house (love the color) 3 acres Beaufort, NC
5 bedrooms

Sideyard water access, Wouldn't this be awesome to launch your kayak or canoe.

This house located in outskirts of Edenton, NC
Partially redone but still has all of the original fireplaces.
Love the porch and the columns.

It's okay to dream right ! Maybe one day.
I also keep a notebook with clips from magazines of stuff
I like cabinets, lighting fixtures, paint colors, built ins etc.

Thanks for letting me ramble about my dream houses.
I have a couple local houses to show you tomorrow

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dream Houses ~ Blog crushes

I adore this kitchen, I totally want white cabinets.
Love this built in and that hardware is great!
I love this floor, such a warm tone. And don't you just love that ledge with the cute plates on it
I love the color of the hutch too!
Okay where do I start, check out the lighting fixture, and that hutch Love the color!
I also love that huge window so much light! And how awesome is the wainscoting (spelling ?)

Wanted to share my crush on this charming farm house. I came across Teresa's blog Meadowbrook Farm  from another blog. And was hooked on her house. I couldn't take my eyes off of the page I kept looking and looking checking out every detail. I love it, I could move right in. We have alot of the same interests:
McCoy pottery, quilts, Vintage tablecloths, and she takes great photos! 
Not only does she have an awesome house, gardens, barns and so forth. She has a great story. She's living our dream. Her and her family purchased a farm with a old farm house and redid it.
Check out her blog for the before photos.
Tom and I have always dreamed of one day buying an old cottage or craftsmens house or even a  farm house and redoing it. We loved to simplify and slow down and remember whats important to us.
We'd  love to move to North Carolina one day, some of our favorite towns to name a few are Edenton, Beaufort (where my brother & sis in law live), Oriental, New Bern
I'll continue my dream houses tomorrow with some photos of my dream houses in NC