Friday, December 31, 2010

Favorite Shots

Detail shots 2010

Beaufort Food & Wine Festival

Cowboy Themed Birthday Celebration

Wanted to post a few of 
my favorite shots from this year  
Hoping everyone has a safe & exciting New Year

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A year in review

Beautiful brides & their very adorable daughters

Gorgeous rings

Lots of wonderful vendors and
 their wonderful creations

Perfect Couples

It's been a great year this year and just wanted to 
thank everyone for their support including my family and friends.
 I enjoyed meeting new faces and getting the opportunity 
to work with some old friends.
I can't wait to see what the new year brings.
I look forward to trying to think of more out of the box shots and
being more comfortable in promoting my business.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Christmas in Pictures


Uncle Mike playing with Maddie

Some of the Cousins, riding in Maddie's car

Uncle Mike & Mason raising the roof in the snuggie

Help decorate the ginger bread house with
Daddy & Grandma

Our Gingerbread house Mommy buildt

Aunt Dale & Baby Ascher opening gifts

 Before Maddie got up
Mason loving the Sing-a -ma-jig  (spelling?)

Testing Maddie's New Ride Outside
Looks like she was on a mission

Sorry my pictures aren't in order..
We had a good Christmas! again this year.
 Maddie ending up getting a bad virus the
afternoon of her Christmas play and missed several days of school
but we were thankful her fever had dropped by Christmas Eve.
Whew.. She didn't want to get up Christmas morning. We
told her come on Maddie let's get up Santa's been here.. nothing she sighed and rolled over. So we tried again a little later same thing Maddie don't you want to get up and see what santa brought you ? her response was 
Since everyone was coming to our house for breakfast we ended up
waking her up so we could have Christmas with her before everyone came.
And boy was thrilled over the Power wheels Jeep Santa brought her.
We had a nice breakfast., simple but nice.
We cooked Scrapple, Bacon, Sausage links and Cinnamon rolls, Banana nut & Blueberry muffins and Waffles. Waffles were messy and a pain.
But they worked. I had originally planned on making Pioneer Womans
Homemade Cinnamon Rolls but canned the idea after Maddie got sick.
Maybe another time. They are on my list to try and make.
Have to admit I am a little scared of anything with active yeast in it.
Could be

Monday, December 20, 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like

Posing for a picture in front of out tree

Her Class photo

So cute

Her at her class Christmas party. Always the only one left at the table

A hint of a project I have been working on these are the
backs of some pillows for my nieces & nephews
Can't wait to show the front of the pillows.
Each niece & nephew got one or two handmade gifts and
a toy

Busy, Busy
With Christmas parties, Christmas photos, Finishing up Christmas gifts
5 days till Christmas

I was asked by Maddie's teachers to come in and take photos of the class
and each child for a project for the parents the kids are making.
Can't wait to see what they put together.
Thought I'd share a few photos from the tons I took.
Boy was it hard to get to stay still and look at the camera.
Especially my daughter who is in the front in the middle,
she had a hard time keeping her legs closed or still for the most
part. And pouted when I told her to fix her legs..eek

Tonight is her Christmas play., so excited except it seems
that she's coming down with the crud that's going around.
She ran a fever most of the day yesterday.
She seemed better this a.m. hoping she stays that way
for the rest of the day.
Can't wait to see the program tonight
Her class is singing a song about Reindeer
and I think the whole school is singing Jingle bells

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa attempt #2

Yum fruit cocktail

This face cracks me up

Check it out his bells

The face says it all

We took Maddie to breakfast with Santa on sunday.
Breakfast was yummy,yummy.
Plus they had my favorite Scrapple...
Maddie ate lots of fruit cocktail, pancake, eggs.
She was all for seeing Santa after she saw Santa giving out
presents to kids who sat on his lap.
But once she got up there she didn't look happy at all.
But at least no tears were shed and she loved the snacks
in the goodie bag she got.

She has a Xmas party this friday at her school and
a play on Monday. Whew.. where did the time go
10 days till Christmas... WHAT

Thursday, December 9, 2010


We painted an ornament & a lil mouse

This year my mother in law went with us to make the ornaments
Maddie had a ball and was very well behaved

2009'S Ornament
Yes that's a hole in it it fell and at least it didn't shatter but
we now have a tiny hole.

2008 Ornament - Her first Christmas

We made a trip to the local paint your own pottery here in town.
A fun tradition I started with Maddie to decorate an
ornament with a handprint.Getting harder as her hand gets bigger.

This year she was so into it and wanted to put a handprint on
everything all around the ornament, the table, a sponge
Since she was so in the mood for painting we let her pick
out something small for her to paint besides the ornament.
She picked that cute little mouse, she did a great job on it.
And it was all purple until she spotted the green.

I am thinking of taking her back sometime, maybe if
my sister in law comes home for Christmas
we could take the little ones
and go again.

Busy weekend, headed to my hometown tomorrow
to take pictures for a breakfast with Santa and pictures of the parade.
My favorite is breakfast with Santa, I love seeing the kids eyes
light up when they see him.
Each year the camera club I belong to is asked to take
pictures for their website & brochures.
I enjoy doing it and it helps me get experience.
Plus it's a good opportunity for networking
I am sure I'll have some photos to share afterwards.