Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Photos of her grandmother tied to her bouquet

Little behind in posting these. Here are a few shots from my latest wedding.
Richard & Marybeth had a Vegas wedding planned and instead choose to move up & plan a local wedding. I think everything came together perfect. Family helped out alot to make the day perfect. Beautiful location for the wedding which was held in Marybeth's Aunt's house in Mardela Springs.
 The ceremony was held in the shade under the trees in their front yard.
The grooms mother made all of the flowers for the bouquets & boutinneires (spelling ? don't hate). I made the photos of her grandparents to tie to her bouquet. She was very close to her grandmother as I was to mine. I had made photos of my grandparents that I had tied to my bouquet when I got married. I knew she would enjoy that too so I got photos from her sister and made the photos for her and gave them to her sister to surprise her for her bridal shower.
Like I said I was very close to my grandparents also. And thou I wished they could have been part of wedding day, They were there in spirit and their photos were a reminder to me :( I miss them and think about them everyday.
Speaking of my wedding makes me think one day I'll have to post pictures.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rainbow Bright

Check out my latest scrappy shirt !!
I love it!! I would totally make one for myself one.... 
If I didn't think I would look like a crazy
giant Rainbow bright/Punky brewster adult person.
But it's adorable for the lil ones
I got the idea from this blog.
Same place where I got the idea for the USA shirt
I made Maddie for the Fourth of July.
Must check out her blog Crystal is so crafty.
Check out her shop too !! I am dying to get my hands on a hoho for Maddie.
They are always sold out by the time I get there..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

QA County Fair

Don't worry she's not reaching for the cows tails above

Here's some shots from the Queen Anne's County Fair. We go every year. This year Maddie was more into it. And loved looking at the animals.
And we had the best Chicken dinner. Their chicken was awesome.
Maddie ate half of mine and ate all of our watermelon.
Tom grew up near by and loves to visit every year. He was big into 4-H stuff. He raised ducks, and quail and stuff.

Working on the wedding photos from this past weekend. Can't wait to share.
Lovin the ring & detail shots.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Etsy shop: LuLu Sparkles

Wanted to do this post on friday but last week was crazy.
Maddie still has had a cold (?) keeping us all up at night.
Dr's office says it's just a cold, but I am thinking allergies.
They said to give her Robtussin DM or Delsom.
Neither is working she wakes up coughing around 1 or 2 a.m. I give her more cough syrup and eventually she stops coughing. I can't sleep cause even thou
she doesn't always wake up it sounds like she's choking sometimes..

Anyway in other news I got this awesome necklace
from a favorite Etsy shop of mine LuLu Sparkles.
Check out her shop she is so talented and has unique one of kind items.
I love the photographs of her items the backgrounds are so cool.
And check out her packaging. It's all in the details like the vintage photograph with a written thank you on the back. And the cute little bobbi pin.
Here are a couple of other items I am crushing on right now in her shop.


That's my bag baby

I couldn't stand it anymore I caved and bought the top item from my want list
a new camera bag. Got this turquoise beauty from Jo Totes
Used it at this past weekends wedding and it's awesome!
So roomy! and stylish..
And the price is so reasonable compared to my shootsac..Speaking of price
Tom gave me a hard time for this purchase even though I saved the money for it. And it only seems fair. He bought a boat and I bought a camera bag. (ha,ha) Quite a price difference right.

I couldn't wait to run right out and take some shots of my new bag
where did I go, the cleaners.. I have had my eyes on this turquoise door
for awhile. I think it would make a great backdrop for portraits..
I had to grab a few shots while I was there. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Scrappy Shirts

I went ahead and added my left over shirts to my Etsy shop
Curious to see how they do. I need to add some boy items :(
Everything is girly. I'll have to work on boy stuff if the girls stuff goes.
Curious to see what everyone thinks ?

I also just added these two to my store.
A Great Vintage dress & Shabby Matchbox holder

Check out the flower detail on the Vintage dress so cute

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Freezee Pops kind of day

Look at that blonde hair..

Good to the last drop

Last sunday was stanking HOT had BBQ with our friend and his little boy.
Who by the way is so shy and is terrified of Maddie.
I mean runs screaming when she trys to play with
They  She colored, played w/sidewalk chalk, and explored crazy lookin catapillars, while Rylan watched from afar..
They got freezee pops as a treat.
Maddie loved hers, sucked it down crazy fast.
All they needed was some of those Hugz drinks from back in my day.
You know the lil plastic drinks in a plastic container shaped like a barrel.
Do they still make those ? So healthy right..

Thanks Jen for you comment. I think I will add the leftover shirts back to Etsy.
I did also add two new items to my shop last night.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sponsorship & a great cause

Remember my post about Samantha and her shop Indie & Chic
well she's running a great special on her blog for a great cause

Juvenile Diabetes


Here are some statistics (from Samantha's blog) about Type 1 Diabetes
you might not be aware of

- autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system attacks and destroys the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas

- As many as three million Americans may have type 1 diabetes.

- Each year, more than 15,000 children - 40 per day - are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in the U.S.

For $5 you get to be a sponsor for the month of September on her blog.

Go here to purchase your ad space.
It's for a great cause and

Check out my ad space & her feature about me and her other sponsors here


Gifts for Baby J

Sweet lil flower
Intial onesie with a cute cupcake background
First time making a bib. Turned out okay

Still trying to catch up on my posts.
Thought I'd share a few snapshots of some goodies I made for Baby J
Due to arrive in Sept. I have a bunch of onesies & shirts I have
left over. Might try to post a few to sell.
Taking up too much room. Still working on decluttering.
I tried selling some of them on Etsy with no luck. Thinking of adding to my facebook page and trying to sell them that way.  Any thoughts ?

I am also going to try featuring a Etsy shop here on the blog every other friday. I know this is suppose to be a place to show my photography work but it's kind of developed into much more. Sort of my journal, family, friends, crafts, vintage, etsy, etc. And I like it that way I think. Might change up things up and make the photography portion have it's own section.
So many ideas so little time.