Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Photos of her grandmother tied to her bouquet

Little behind in posting these. Here are a few shots from my latest wedding.
Richard & Marybeth had a Vegas wedding planned and instead choose to move up & plan a local wedding. I think everything came together perfect. Family helped out alot to make the day perfect. Beautiful location for the wedding which was held in Marybeth's Aunt's house in Mardela Springs.
 The ceremony was held in the shade under the trees in their front yard.
The grooms mother made all of the flowers for the bouquets & boutinneires (spelling ? don't hate). I made the photos of her grandparents to tie to her bouquet. She was very close to her grandmother as I was to mine. I had made photos of my grandparents that I had tied to my bouquet when I got married. I knew she would enjoy that too so I got photos from her sister and made the photos for her and gave them to her sister to surprise her for her bridal shower.
Like I said I was very close to my grandparents also. And thou I wished they could have been part of wedding day, They were there in spirit and their photos were a reminder to me :( I miss them and think about them everyday.
Speaking of my wedding makes me think one day I'll have to post pictures.


  1. Hi CHristy!

    Thanks for the nice comment on my blog!! Especially coming from a professional like yourself. I have just recently gotten into photography and I love it. There are so many fun things to learn about it!

    Nice to meet you, I'll be back. :)

  2. great photos christy!! Would love to hear how it went shooting a wedding - I think I may try to stay away from those -
    love your photo of the rings in the tree - hope your week is going good


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