Monday, December 31, 2012



Been absent here on the blog
but was busy enjoying our first Xmas in our new house in our new state, and with our families 
back home in Maryland.
Here are a few favorite photos 
of mine more to share later

Cousin Love :)
So glad these two are close to one another now

Someone is crushing on Big Sis's doll

Xmas eve with my bro & his fam
Was great made me feel like a part of home 
was here with us., and it was and is 

Looking forward to getting close again to my
brother & his family in 2013

The Loot

The gifts weren't much this year but it's the
thought that counts. 
We gave out lots of handmade gifts this year
But sometimes those mean the most

Santa's lil helper 
Whew this guy had a ball this Xmas

Had so many fun and challenging times with this guy this year., and looking forward to seeing more exciting times with him 


Matching Pj's how cute

This little has had a big year, between moving
and leaving preschool to stay home with mommy
since October, We've had good times and bad but 
we are making it thru. Hard cause she loves school
and asks at least once or twice a week to go.
Hoping they have an opening, praying Kindergarden registration goes smoothly

Most of 2012 has been great for us, we've had some challenges here at the end but are working our way thru it, I am looking forward to making new memories in our new town & new home
And having a new start, a take on life
Things will be hard being away from our families
sometimes,yet all the time.
 I feel confident and hope that 
my parents make the move soon, real soon

Wishing to simplify and take time this year to enjoy
things more

I have a lot of goals for my business
and for my family

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret to getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks and then starting on the first one.” – By Mark Twain

Happy New Year!!
Here's to a great New Year2013

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

To The Hobos

Loving this town so many new things to explore just right there
waiting for us, seems like there is always something going on

We headed to the Wilmington Railroad Museum to see their
train and light display and visit the big guy

I was in love with these lights so pretty
and this To the Hobos sign just spoke to me lol

This place was so neat, from the historic brick building
 to the train displays it was pretty awesome
wish I had gotten some pictures but I was lugging around
Big D so he could see the trains, 
lots of ooh and ahhs from him
His sister was too busy trying to find Santa to worry with the trains

Even thou this was his second time in a couple weeks he just
wasn't feeling this one
hmm maybe it was his hat ...

A little blurry shot but my little Polar Express junky loved this place
After leaving the museum we cruised thru town to see if we could catch
any cool Xmas lights, instead while stopped on front street at the light
who crosses in front of us but a huge white trolley being pulled by
two huge white horse with Santa at the reigns..
At what does Miss Maddie say "What the Heck Mommy"
how did he get here... eeek  he was just at the train museum
I was stunned and stumbled to say ahh he must have had the trolley
parked out back to check on his Reindeer 
whew.. I think shes going to be a tough one

Also my Jewelry frame was featured on one of my favorite blogs
check it out here 

Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Finally Beginning To Look A Lot Like

Yes! It is beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas 
around here now
I have been a bit stressed trying to finish the rest of my
pillowcase orders. Which I shipped the last 3 today
whew.. huge sigh of relief I feel like I can relax a little now
I don't think I will cut it so close next year 
Don't get me wrong I am extremely thankful for all of the business
this year, I wish I been more organized

These two love to camp out near the tree

I was excited to decorate our new house for Christmas
I only have a few things but it looks pretty merry to me
I also did a couple DIY Xmas decorations
Yarn Ball garland, and some Snow Globes

My yarn ball garland I made, wish I had made it longer

Have you seen these ? Check out this tutorial for them here
I am addicted to making them 
I had a few technical difficulties, like my snow was too big, my jar has a neck and I had to trim my trees to fit.... but I think they turned out ok
everyone is getting one for Christmas I mean everyone
my mail lady, new

Thursday, December 13, 2012

DIY A Little Shady

I have been able to squeeze in a little DIY project
here and there, between the taking care of the kids, house work and running
my Etsy shop it's been almost a stress reliever I never thought
I would be so busy staying home but dang., I think I am busier than I ever was
ha ha anyways, I couldn't decided what to do to spruce up this
lampshade, I thought about adding some color to it like wrapping yarn around the shade or adding ric rac or a lace trim.
I even saw a shade with doilies glued all over it.

I am in love with Doilies lately and had some large paper ones
laying around so I decided to stencil them onto the shade for
a hint of color, which seems perfect to not draw attention away
from the cuteness of that milk glass hobnob lamp
(old ebay purchase) 
I used a gray color paint to stencil with and it worked out pretty good
I think the only thing I wish I had done differently was use a small
doily maybe some with different patterns 

I have a few more DIY posts to share, I have made more than 50%
of our Xmas presents this year. So I have a couple of those to share

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Ole Blue House

Came across these photos in my files yesterday
Took these before I left town, this house and barn are one of my favorites
I love the uniqueness of the house's roof 
They sure don't build them like they used too
I am so glad that they decided to save this house and had it moved to this farm

It has been for sale for a long while and I believe was
under contract finally when I took these
The barn isn't as old and I believe was on the property originally
but still has some charm., Love those ivy covered silos

Isn't this house something.. 
I love imagining who might have lived in this house
before and what it would have looked like inside back then.

I have always had dreams of one day running a B&B 
Entertaining guests, decorating each room differently
Every time I pasted this house I could help but wish someone would
buy this and make it into a B&B 

Wish I could have gone inside or at least peeked in the windows..hee hee 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Our first Floatilla

Yay!! We got to experience our first ever Flotilla 
Hope I am spelling that right., I have been reading in the papers
about all of these Flotilla's going on. Thought the kids would enjoy it.

We took the kids to Carolina Beach to check out what this 
Flotilla stuff was all about and boy it was pretty awesome, 
there wasn't many boats. Carolina Beach only had 7 boats.
But the kids enjoyed it, Especially the lil guy

Some kept pulling up his pant legs... ugh
he wanted to get down and get to those boats

He has become so vocal now, he's going to be so much fun this year

All bundled up and in a trance watching the boats

We missed Wrightsville Beach's Floatilla and I heard they had a ton of boats.
 I think we will have to check that one out next year. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Closet Full Of Jewels

A little DIY post today
Had fun making this jewelry holder
I had this huge weathered frame that I painted turquoise some time ago
just laying around waiting for a project
perfect for this, a little chicken wire and frame and some hooks
and bam there she is

I love being able to see everything instead of 
having it hid in a drawer all bunched up

A few of my necklaces shown are
and some vintage finds and hand me downs

I hung mine in my closet so when you pick out
an outfit you can find/plan for matching accessories 

I even hung a few bracelets on there

Here she hangs in my closet
thank goodness I cropped out the mess on the floor

You could have your own if you wanted check it out here
This beauty is listed in my Etsy shop
check it out here