Thursday, September 27, 2012

By the setting of the sun

Well I wish I could say I came back from vacation refreshed and ready to start our new adventure,
however we run into a snag with our loan paperwork one form didn't get filled out in time 
So we are still waiting for our loan paperwork to go thru we were supposed to settle tomorrow
and that isn't going to happen either. We are basically at the mercy of the loan people
ugh... I feel like I am losing my mind. 
Enough about our dark cloud of settlement
Thought I would share a few sunset photos from our vacation in Salvo, NC
Aren't they beautiful.. These are from a couple different nights.
I loved the location of our house this year, we were right on the border of the National Seashore 
So for miles it was dunes and great views
We also got to see a sea turtle nesting place that was ready to hatch any day unfortunately we didn't get to see it happen while we were there.
More to share soon

Monday, September 3, 2012

Temporary Headquarters

Here is my temporary headquarters for sewing and photo editing 
only a select number of weeks before 
we leave Maryland for our move to North Carolina
I still have a few things on my Maryland Bucket List to complete 
before we leave :(
Friends to catch up with
Visit my grandparents gravesite and leave an arrangement
Few shops to check out that I have always wanted to check out
Dr.'s appt to squeeze in
Medical records copies
the list goes on
I know we will be back but our visits will be short and time
will be spent with family 

Farm Family Photos

In Order smallest to tallest 

Happy Labor Day!
Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend
I wanted to share a few family photos
 I took today for a good friend
I love the backdrop for them the tractors are awesome
These were taken on the family's farm in Ridgely