Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat


Starting the day with a costume parade at school then a party in the afternoon
then off tonight to trick or treat keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't rain

Friday, October 28, 2011


I kind of like the wardy ones

Some of our pumpkin choices

We hit up the Pumpkin Patch this past weekend
The weather was sunny but a little chilly, glad we did it then
and not this weekend. I just heard we are supposed to get SNOW!!
Crazy! I am not ready for that. Poor Baby D missed picking out the pumpkin
the bumpy patch put him to sleep.
We finished decorating our pumpkins this week, better late than never.
We painted some & carved our big one. I painted a silly face on mine.
Maddie painted hers and Dalton's multi colors..
She even painted her white one funny
I loved painting ours and wish I could have gotten more pumpkins
so we could paint them. Like Meg did, Did you see her post on
her pumpkins ? Check it out here.
Speaking of her I love her blog, I would love to meet her.
Wish I could go to her craft weekend., just don't think I could leave the
kiddies for a whole weekend. But am definatly putting that on my bucket

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dogfish Tour

Our Tour guide

Wooden Barrels for Beer
made from wood from Columbia if I got right

my new shoes from Target, there are my wannabe sanuku's
please they are lined with owl print. So cute...

The Treehouse

My Daddy :) Had to throw this one in. I like this picture of him.

Couple pictures from our tour at Dogfish in Milton Delaware
We've been to the restaurant several times., but Tom's been wanting to go to the factory where they do the brewing for a tour. The history of the business is pretty cool. How the guy started from scratch and now it's a big time business. He even had a tv show for some time. He comes up with some
weird oh recipes. After the tour we each got 4 samples.
I am not a fan of some of their beers., but I did
try some my favorite was the pumpkin beer.
I love that the company is environmentally friendly, they use alot of
recycled stuff. In fact the leftover grains after brewing are sent to a local farm for feed for the animals, where in turn Dogfish buys the meat from the farm
for the restaurant. How cool, they are all about giving back.
The cool artsy tree house they bought for $1 online from a place near California, For Halloween this year there are inviting their employees children
up there for Ghost stories. Fun! Sounds like a cool place to work.
We had a good time, after the tour & hanging out in the tasteing room
we headed to Rehobeth to eat lunch at the Dogfish pub restaurant.
Where I had another Pumpkin Beer and a yummy yummy Turkey Burger
with a Goat cheese spread...mmmm to die for
Check out their website here for info on tours and other good stuff

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Other kites that were there

Tom repairing our kite again

Sharing some photos from the Kite fest at Sailwinds Park in Cambridge
Beautiful day for the festival, however there wasn't much wind.
Maddie got a cool kite that she got to color, with sharpie markers ahh
Why did they have to do that...
We had a few problems with are kite falling apart.
We found a few little puffs of air, and Tom did manage to get it up in the air a couple times. Maddie had fun! and was wiped out when we got home.

Still playing catch up on my photos
Working on some ideas for our family photos. Think I might try to do them
myself this year with the tripod and remote.. hmm
That could be stressful fun!

Other news working on adding some treasures to my Etsy shop
And finishing up some Baby Shower gifts, Will have to share some pictures

Thursday, October 20, 2011


The man on the far right is my Grandfathers father

Some more family

Model Ship my Great grandfather made
I have heard about this model ship before, so nice to see it in person
Made is 1880 !!! How cool is that.
I would love to have this

Statement about the model

Bigger picture of John Harrison the ship builder

My posts have been so few lately problems with my photo software..
Anyway I wanted to share a few photos from the Neavitt Chesapeake Charm Exhibit at the Historical Society here in Easton.
Sorry the photos are crappy I wasn't aloud to use my flash.
Neavitt is the lil town where my Dad grew up
I love it there, I love hearing all of the old stories he tells about growing up there. I will always remember them, and hope to tell my
kids about them one day.
Neavitt is home to the cutest little white church,
My Dad, Myself and Maddie have all been Christened there.
Hoping to get Dalton Christened soon too.

Monday, October 17, 2011

4 Months

Mr. Chubbs turned 4 months on the 6th
Just got to take his 4 month pictures on friday
He looks thrilled doesn't he..
I tried getting him to laugh but he just looked at me like I was crazy...
He weighs 17lbs and is 25 inches long
Eating 8oz of formula every 3-4 hrs
(starting cereal & veggies this week)
Is quite chatting now
Loves watching Maddie play
Can grab toys and
Had the cutest laugh ever
Doesn't like to stand up yet has jello legs
Love this little guy!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


My friend & co worker with her Mom & Dad
 She has Breast Cancer
which was in remission until recently has now moved into her Liver.
Her Mom is a Breast Cancer surviver

Our Cake & Wine Wheel

Pink & Purple hair extensions

Acupunturist (? spelling) for Cancer patients

Local Radio station
The host has mouth cancer

Son & Husband of our fellow Co worker that pasted away from
Colon Cancer

One of our Techs with his mom whom had Breast Cancer

 Group shot of me and my Co workers

Another long night, but I did manage to put a post together.
Here are some photos from our Cancer fundraiser at my work.
So many people have Cancer, it's heart breaking.
My Step Mom, Two of my Co workers, one of which pasted away last year from it.  You hear a lot of about cancer in our area.
Last year we made a donation to the Susan G. Koman Foundation
this years went to the American Cancer Society.

I started off the day wrong that day, My cake for the Cake wheel turned out awful, My boy was running a fever and my sitter texted me instead of calling me and I didn't get it until 45 minutes later.. grr..
The shirt I picked out from my work didn't fit me my second shirt of the day I spilled coffee on. And I don't even drink the stuff.
Anyway we had a nice day & for such a good cause.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Trike a thon

Lined up waiting to ride

Sorry I have been MIA lately..
So much going on, I had 3 events worth of photos to edit and a baby that had his 4 month check up and has been a mess since.
His routine is all out of wack. Managing two has been a little crazy the past
couple weeks. Just when you think I have our little routine
down a loop gets thrown in.

Hope I didn't bore you with all of my vacation pics.
Of which I still have some to share :)
Posting some today from Maddie's school St. Jude's Trike a thon
Cute to see the kids in action riding their bikes.
But boy were there some accidents.