Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dogfish Tour

Our Tour guide

Wooden Barrels for Beer
made from wood from Columbia if I got right

my new shoes from Target, there are my wannabe sanuku's
please they are lined with owl print. So cute...

The Treehouse

My Daddy :) Had to throw this one in. I like this picture of him.

Couple pictures from our tour at Dogfish in Milton Delaware
We've been to the restaurant several times., but Tom's been wanting to go to the factory where they do the brewing for a tour. The history of the business is pretty cool. How the guy started from scratch and now it's a big time business. He even had a tv show for some time. He comes up with some
weird oh recipes. After the tour we each got 4 samples.
I am not a fan of some of their beers., but I did
try some my favorite was the pumpkin beer.
I love that the company is environmentally friendly, they use alot of
recycled stuff. In fact the leftover grains after brewing are sent to a local farm for feed for the animals, where in turn Dogfish buys the meat from the farm
for the restaurant. How cool, they are all about giving back.
The cool artsy tree house they bought for $1 online from a place near California, For Halloween this year there are inviting their employees children
up there for Ghost stories. Fun! Sounds like a cool place to work.
We had a good time, after the tour & hanging out in the tasteing room
we headed to Rehobeth to eat lunch at the Dogfish pub restaurant.
Where I had another Pumpkin Beer and a yummy yummy Turkey Burger
with a Goat cheese spread...mmmm to die for
Check out their website here for info on tours and other good stuff

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  1. I love your shoes.

    That treehouse is awesome!

    I love their "Punk" beer too - just tried it last week.


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