Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Everybody Wampum Tonight

We made another trip to the beach last week
I love visiting the beach especially since it's so close
It's also getting easier taking both kids with me., last week 
however my Dad went with me so I had some time to pick up
3 million shells. My fave are the"Wampum" pieces as they call them
I love the deep purples 
I have started my own collection, 
and have half a giant antique ball jar full of them
I'd love to make something with them someday

I came across a great jewelry designer via instagram
Her business is called Mermaid by Hand Blog Shop
and I am in love with her rings, especially the wampum designs
She also has a great sterling silver wave bracelet ...eek
It's defiantly worth checking out her shop & blog 

Love the smooth feel of the shell, the colors and the patterns
it amazing what the sea does to things

The kids love dumping out our buckets and washing the pieces
and organizing them, loads of fun 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Baby Steps

New Project this week
tackling our master bedroom closet
eek..lots of random old clothes, knick knacks that I have no room for
and pictures I need to hang but am not sure where...ugh

There are so many little projects to do and not sure which one to start first
I am stuck in that stage

Started weeding thru clothes, got rid of alot of stuff I never wear
Then made a little place to hang some hats and bags
I have had those dragonfly hooks forever not sure where to use them
or how and I finally did it

I even color coordinated my shirts and sweaters now thats scary

Hopefully I will have a more finished product to show you soon

Friday, July 26, 2013

Baby Gifts

Happy Friday
Busy here finishing a list of to do's 

#1 baby gift for an old friend
She's expecting a babe next month
She asked for a Rainbow onesie, and I threw the others in
Baby things are my favorite to make

In other goings on this week
 we had a great beach day with my dad
everyone behaved and didn't run into the ocean
I even got in the ocean, which is a big deal I normally don't 
We got our normal ton of shells, I now almost have a full jar of Wampum

Monday, July 22, 2013

New Stuff

I am still alive yes, one little has been sick then Mama got sick
Mama's still not 100% but I am alive
I really did feel awful, like I have never been that sick in awhile
I ran a fever 102 totally crazy 
Stinks being sick when it's 100 degrees out and your wearing a sweatshirt

But on the bright side I had a great weekend,
 Hit some yard sales & got to check out a Flea Market
 with NO KIDS 
What the heck yes that did happen.. write that down
Their Mom Mom volunteered to watch them (thanks Mom Mom)
And they had a fun & behaved..write that down too

I feel like I am getting back into the swing of things
Working on my shop, added lots of cool stuff
Check it out here and below

Just added this great Retro Tablecloth
Nice Bright colors, Flower & Wheat design $9.50

I love transferware and this group of dishes by
 Devon Sprays is a favorite of mine
the pops of color are awesome, You don't see many colored versions
This set includes a Plate, Oval Bowl and a Little Round Bowl
Lots of great ideas for this set
A steal at $12 for all 3 

Great for hanging on the wall, using everyday
displaying on a hutch or plate rack 

Love this Unique Vintage Retro Davy Crockett Glass
Perfect for your collection $9
Unbelievable detail, Like New condition

Fighting hard not to keep this pillow for myself :/
I made this pillow with a mix of vintage & new fabric
Love the different prints & the textures of the circles $22

Vintage Nut Grinder $8.50
This sweet little guy is the perfect piece for your Retro Kitchen

Added this Red Little House Tea Towel
Sold this week, but is available upon request 
Hoping to add more soon

Also added this great Vintage Wooden Art Deco Design Box $8.50
Perfect to hold treasures on vanity, shells, earrings, bracelets
Or a great antique piece for a child, their first treasure box
they can store their treasures in it 
Sharks teeth, Marbles, Army guys etc..

The inlay detail on this is divine so the trim work 

Another goodie is this Handmade pillow 
made from 2 Vintage Quilt Squares
 Great detail work, the time it took to make these is unbelievable 
the stitching the the design is awesome
Each side has a basket filled with flowers and a butterfly 

Listed for $18

Monday, July 15, 2013

Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee

They are at it again, My assistants helped me bake mini orange
dreamsicle cupcakes that didn't turn out so good blah...
I could blame it on the assistants but they are way to cute..
The whole batch got tossed it was that bad

Loving anything orange this summer
Just found a recipe for orange blueberry scones yum...
might have to try that one

Her favorite thing to is measure and dump the flour 
His favorite thing was to lick the excess flour off the counter top

In other news, the latest of my parents belongs arrived
this weekend.. yay! Now it's down to business for them
Lots of unpacking and clean sweeping going on there.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Big Shoes To Fill

Ever sit back and wonder what, who your kiddos might be
when they grow up ? 
I do, I hope I am there to see it, I know they have great things in store
I have one that told us yesterday she wants to be a Scientist, Teacher, Doctor 
or a Princess (secretly hoping she picks the first 3 of those)

Looking back myself I remember wanting to be a scuba diver lol...
Also seen that I wrote that in a report too.. what a good laugh

To tell the truth I still don't what I want to be, Still dream of being a great photographer, Having my own Successful Craft Business, Owner of my own Antique or Junk Place, or even Owning a Bed & Breakfast by the Sea

One job I do have is being a mommy, not a great one but a good one

Everyone has big dreams and big goals
Saw this via Pinterest and loved it 

via Pinterest

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Latest

Now that my little craft show try out as I like to call it is over
I can concentrate on my shop, working hard on adding lots of good stuff
ooh wait I didn't tell you about the craft show.. 
hmm yeah I got this crazy idea to get a table at a local craft show at the local Womens Club ugh...
please don't let me do that again., I totally felt like an outsiders
None of the other vendors came over not much foot traffic my way
could have been the ghetto mod podge of stuff I had going on, on my table in the dark corner..However I did hand out a few cards, sold a jewelry frame
and a Kids T shirt 
But it was an experiment 

Anyway back to the new stuff
Lots of handmade things, including new colored flour sack Tea Towels
and Pillowcase designs, and working on adding some cool pillows I made

Don't forget to check out the link in my sidebar for my Etsy shop

How about this awesome lime green Depression Glass Juicer
Hazel Atlas Reamer Juicer from the 1920's 
Great simple design, the interior circle at the base of the reamer catches all the seeds as you're juicing citrus. 
Listed for $21

Here are the happy new Colored Flour Sack Tea Towels
A bright Cornflower Blue, Teal and a Red (not shown)

In love with everything about these guys up to the color, the design and the function. The size of these tea towel is great, not to mention
they are soft and wash up nicely 
Listed in my shop for $9

Okay so I might have gone crazy overboard with the whole little house design
but hey, aren't they the cutest
I love the mix of colors, fabrics, shapes etc.

Gives a nice punch of wow to your bedding
I imagine seeing these in a cute cottage by the sea 
or a beach house

These are $21 for the pair Standard Size Cotton Pillowcases
Available in King size and different colors 
However I think the white shows off the different fabrics and such

Here is the other Colored Flour Sack Towel
A Beautiful Teal, My favorite color
Love the bold color paired with the pops of bright pinks yellows, and don't forget some polka dots
Listed in my shop for $9

Head over to my sidebar for the link to my Shop or click here 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Drive By

This past weekend after church we decided to explore a little after a lunch at good ole McDonalds, You know we had to get some Minions
 the kids are crazy about Despicable Me #2
 we headed to the Ft. Fisher Aquarium and Rode by the Ft. Fisher state park and checked out the ferry dock, Beautiful day for a beach drive

Pretty Much every time we've been by the state park its been closed
It's on our summer list so I am hoping to check it out soon

I am in love with all of the Live Oak, hmm potent photo shoot location

Dreams of riding our bikes on the boardwalk in Carolina Beach
guess that will have to wait a couple years
Our new bike ride hates riding her bike anymore
Throws a fit saying her legs hurt after 2min of riding ugh...