Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Latest

Now that my little craft show try out as I like to call it is over
I can concentrate on my shop, working hard on adding lots of good stuff
ooh wait I didn't tell you about the craft show.. 
hmm yeah I got this crazy idea to get a table at a local craft show at the local Womens Club ugh...
please don't let me do that again., I totally felt like an outsiders
None of the other vendors came over not much foot traffic my way
could have been the ghetto mod podge of stuff I had going on, on my table in the dark corner..However I did hand out a few cards, sold a jewelry frame
and a Kids T shirt 
But it was an experiment 

Anyway back to the new stuff
Lots of handmade things, including new colored flour sack Tea Towels
and Pillowcase designs, and working on adding some cool pillows I made

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How about this awesome lime green Depression Glass Juicer
Hazel Atlas Reamer Juicer from the 1920's 
Great simple design, the interior circle at the base of the reamer catches all the seeds as you're juicing citrus. 
Listed for $21

Here are the happy new Colored Flour Sack Tea Towels
A bright Cornflower Blue, Teal and a Red (not shown)

In love with everything about these guys up to the color, the design and the function. The size of these tea towel is great, not to mention
they are soft and wash up nicely 
Listed in my shop for $9

Okay so I might have gone crazy overboard with the whole little house design
but hey, aren't they the cutest
I love the mix of colors, fabrics, shapes etc.

Gives a nice punch of wow to your bedding
I imagine seeing these in a cute cottage by the sea 
or a beach house

These are $21 for the pair Standard Size Cotton Pillowcases
Available in King size and different colors 
However I think the white shows off the different fabrics and such

Here is the other Colored Flour Sack Towel
A Beautiful Teal, My favorite color
Love the bold color paired with the pops of bright pinks yellows, and don't forget some polka dots
Listed in my shop for $9

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