Friday, July 12, 2013

Big Shoes To Fill

Ever sit back and wonder what, who your kiddos might be
when they grow up ? 
I do, I hope I am there to see it, I know they have great things in store
I have one that told us yesterday she wants to be a Scientist, Teacher, Doctor 
or a Princess (secretly hoping she picks the first 3 of those)

Looking back myself I remember wanting to be a scuba diver lol...
Also seen that I wrote that in a report too.. what a good laugh

To tell the truth I still don't what I want to be, Still dream of being a great photographer, Having my own Successful Craft Business, Owner of my own Antique or Junk Place, or even Owning a Bed & Breakfast by the Sea

One job I do have is being a mommy, not a great one but a good one

Everyone has big dreams and big goals
Saw this via Pinterest and loved it 

via Pinterest

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