Thursday, September 30, 2010

People = Memories

Miss Maddie

Sir Elton John - aka Mason


Baby Ascher

Maddie & Tom

Dad & Miss Lynn

Brandon & Ascher
I love this picture..


Taylor & Maddie


Lindsey & Mason

My babe dancin - look at her tan

Mom mom & Ascher

Kirk or Kurt as Maddie calls him

This a short and sweet post today.
Busy getting stuff ready for Maddie's picture day tomorrow at daycare.
So excited.
We are getting dumped on with a ton of rain lots of power outages here
and flooding. Glad we weren't in OBX this week.. yuck

Theres are a few favorite shots of family and friends..
Lots of memories.. so much more to come.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Place - Beach Gourmet

Shot of my favorite part of the house
~Tiki Bar & Hot tub~
 Backyard of the beach house

 Sunset on one side of the balcony Moon on the other.
 Beautiful Sight!!

Our boat.
 We brought for the guys to go Ocean Fishing
Our view of the Rodanthe Pier Rough surf compliments of Hurricane Igor

Another shot of the entire pool area.

Thought I'd share a few photos of the beach house and other stuff.
 We rented a house in the same development as last year.
Which is Hatteras Estates located right by the Rodanthe Pier.
I found this treasured group of rentals from a coworker whom makes a trip every year with her family. So glad she shared the details with me.
I would love to make this a every year family tradition.
The name of the beach house was the Beach Gourmet 6 bedroom house
Loved that the house had a yard this year.
The pool set up was awesome. Even had a kiddie pool for the babies
Lots of room for the kids to play
and grown ups to play Corn hole & Ladder golf

Tons more photos to come. .
Blogger is being a pain and taking forever... so bear with me
Trying to get caught up before my wedding this weekend.
Which I am looking forward to, The weather looks like it's going to be
perfect. A little cool maybe in the evening but at least it won't be steaming
sweating hot.
to load photos.

Monday, September 27, 2010


I'm Back!

Wishing I was still there  :(
We returned home from Rodanthe saturday evening.
Was glad to have sunday to recoop and get back on schedule.
And tackle the piles of laundry.

We had an awesome time, it was just nice to spend time together as a family.
Even thou we all had our moments as expected in a house full of people and four kids on different schedules.
I loved our house this year. It had a huge yard and a great pool. The kitchen was huge, whole 3rd floor had a nice open floor plan.
More pictures to come.
And lots of new items to be added to my shop soon.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Soakin up

This shot reminds me of Flashdance
My lil dancer

A few favorite shots, love the morning light shining thru the trees.
We are busy soaking up the last of the warm summer days and enjoying the cool nights. My girl loves being outdoors & loves going for walks. She's growing up so fast, trying to take it all in.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Ugh.... Please go away Igor and Julia
You are scaring me..
We leave saturday for here please keep your fingers crossed that
these guys don't cross our path.
Last year was fun read my post here., I know this year is going to be bigger and better.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Twiggy Twig giveaway

Happy friday !!
Been a long week.. TGIF
You must check out this giveaway on one of my favorite blogs twig
she's  having a great giveaway. While your there check out her awesome blog. Must read her things bloggers do posts...hilarious. 
And her charming farm house... Love it

Here's what she's giving away

An Antro giftcard.. whoa!

A credit towards a purchase at her Etsy shop.
(check out the pillow above) So cute. Love the vintagey feel to her creations.

And one of my favorite movies The Holiday.

Wait theres more a cd of Brooke Waggoner

Check it out!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Senior 2011

Had a great time taking this senior all around town to some of my favorite photo locations. For someone that hardly smiles, I think he did pretty good.
Zach is crazy tall and a given is awesome at all sorts of sports. His favorite is soccer.  I love his photos I like the mix of backgrounds.

On another note Miss Maddie got put in the thinking chair at
school yesterday for not listening.
Let's just say the whole listening thing has been an adventure lately.
Oh boy...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A few more

A few more shots from the casual wedding I shot back in August.

Lots going on., Recovering from what I guess was the stomach virus. 
I lucked out on getting it this time...whew..
still not fun to see the little one get it. Breaks my heart.

Super excited as I am getting more and more photography jobs.
Trying to get my hands on whatever I can to build my portfolio
and gain more experience. Just finished editing some great senior shots.
And am taking photos for a large family on the beach this weekend.
And looking forward to a fall wedding in Newark in
 October for a high school friend.

Also looking forward to our family vacation !!!
Leaving for a week in Rodanthe NC !! Yay!!
Look out bringing the tripod & remote for a big family picture
Would love to get a family jumping shot too.
So many plans so little time.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Scrappy Bag

Just listed this Scrappy Bag in my shop.
Simple scrappy flower applique with a vintage shell button.
Bag is Navy Blue with 2 inside slip pockets and 1 zipped pocket.
Perfect little hobo bag for fall.
Thinking I'd like to make another with a couple smaller
scrappy flowers on them.

I have a couple more wedding posts to share.
Plus a few from a great senior photo shoot I did this weekend.