Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A few more

A few more shots from the casual wedding I shot back in August.

Lots going on., Recovering from what I guess was the stomach virus. 
I lucked out on getting it this time...whew..
still not fun to see the little one get it. Breaks my heart.

Super excited as I am getting more and more photography jobs.
Trying to get my hands on whatever I can to build my portfolio
and gain more experience. Just finished editing some great senior shots.
And am taking photos for a large family on the beach this weekend.
And looking forward to a fall wedding in Newark in
 October for a high school friend.

Also looking forward to our family vacation !!!
Leaving for a week in Rodanthe NC !! Yay!!
Look out bringing the tripod & remote for a big family picture
Would love to get a family jumping shot too.
So many plans so little time.

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