Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Silhouette DIY Project

Hey there, Wanted to finally show you some more
photos of my Silhouette project of our Littles

I started out with taking a profile shot of each kiddo
(crazy hard to get a good one of the little guy, he doesn't sit still long)
I printed my photos out and traced them on to black paper
I have seen this done my just painting the photo themselves black
I decided against it

Next was my frames I mentioned in my previous post
I bought them at a thrift store they were lavender and had
old home interior type photos in them. (Wish I had a Before pix)
They were perfect, it's hard to find to matching oval frames
But I took them out and spray painted the frames one of my favorite colors

Then I searched for a background paper to use
instead of white, and came across this eye popping
mustard yellowy~lime different but I think they work with my bedding in there

Anyway I used the cardboard backing of the oval frame 
as a template

I used a scrapbooking glue to adhere the silhouette to my oval cutouts

Pretty simple process and I am in love with the final process
Materials cost was about $8.50 
$7 for both frames
$ .50 Black paper 
$ .90 for yellowish paper

Not bad and not too time consuming

Found the perfect spot for them on both sides of the mirror

Maddie loves looking at her silhouette and says she wants 
a pink one for her room 
hmm another potential project in the making maybe

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Ugh I turn #35 today whew...
where has the time gone

Tickled pink the temps are suppose to be in the 70's today
off shopping, eating and hitting the park to celebrate with the littles today

Monday, January 28, 2013

Caught Ya

Happy Monday to ya!!
Recovering from a nice weekend visit from my parents
Catching up on laundry and vacuuming the fun stuff right

Lots of organizing and redoing on my list this week
Plus my birthday eek...
Let's not even go there I am totally over the counting part

Couple things I wanted to share today
Random stuff
First I want to thank some of readers for visiting my Shop Sew Vintage
and for their kind words & purchases 
I really appreciate all of it., I am passionate about growing shop
and love finding goodies to share

The other thing I want to share
is this lady's blog Kasey Buick
whew.. I found her on instagram
and stalked her blog I am so glad I did
thou, it was just what I needed
I know I sometimes paint a rosie picture of our lives on here
we are truly having a tough time making ends meet
with one small salary but we are fighting to make it work
cutting corners where they need to be cut and seeking help on the other side
to help provide for our kids. I know alot of people are in the same boat
with the economy and yada yada 
Anyway  sorry to ramble but Kasey helped brighten my perception of making it
Her husband lost his job that they moved their family to Chicago for
(family  of 3) mind you
they decided to sell/rent house pack up and move to Kauai
and rent a little place and just simplify everything  
Her husband waits tables, bar-tends and she works part time at a clothing store
So I know your asking what does this have to do with us
well we didn't move to paradise but have moved to our paradise I guess you 
could say, but in all of this she gave me a glimpse of hope
that things will turn around for us
we will make it
everyone hits a hard spot

well thanks for listening to my rambling

And for some cute pictures that have nothing to do with this post :)

caught ya my little explorer 
whew... this boy 

A-ha look what I found 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another Glimpse

Thought I'd share another glimpse of our new house
work in progress, constant work of progress
This is the little hallway that you travel down to get to our
guest/kid bathroom, and the kids bedrooms

I started out by framing a Katie Daisey Print
that was one of my favorites, sorry for the bad reflection
Here's what it looks like in real life
Nice reminder for my kids.. when they grow up and understand what it means

Source Katie Daisy's Etsy shop  The Wheatfield

This one is on my want list ~ much love for NC

And this beauty would be perfect for my office room 

Anyway enough window shopping or we'd be here all day
This lil happy Nemo guy has found it's way in the hallway
Maddie was big into Nemo and Dory when she was
little now she says she only wants  pink fish in her room. Oh my
 We found this awesome guy thru my brother he has one 
and we fell in love with it
Nemo is made from a broken surf board
Craig a Beaufort Local makes these crazy guys
by repurposing old broken surf boards
I have a couple including a Seahorse, Dory, and a little blue fish, a mug of Beer
Wish I could create a school of these guys..
maybe one day
Check out his website here
He's extremely talented
I have my heart set on one of his campers

Another part of my hallway is designated to making
a new family photo wall (bad photo, sorry lighting sucked)
So far of have these guys up
photos of my dad as a baby and young boy
Photo of my grandmother swimming (that one is my fave)
I used to get a kick out of that picture, amazed me when I was little
that she was once little like me 
and other photos of my great grandmother
More too come 

This is the guest/kids bath
still a work in progress need storage ideas for toothbrushes & stuff
Love my lil sign I made 

This is the window above the shower in there
I love the element of natural light

And this ole guy is our toothbrushin & handwashin helper
saved him from my dad's garage a long time ago
I love the chippy paint ~ my dad hated it, thinks it looks awful lol
it had like tissue paper on top of it 
Just recently gave her a sanding job and she looks much better
p.s. I love sanding, look out 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More Etsy Happiness

Tom Swift Vintage Book ~ check out those sexy swim trunks

Howdy Folks, Thought I'd pop in to update on a couple new things
recently added my Etsy shop 

How cute is this Vintage Farm Table Cloth
perfect for a farm house kitchen

 One of my favorite Shabby Chic Like Tablecloths
Pretty Aqua, Purple & Pinks
Would even be cute thrown over a desk

Another favorite is this mellow yellow enamel cup
How cute would this be on your window sill with some Herbs or Succulents in it

Sweet Granny Square Blanket
Perfect for a baby gift or repurpose into a pillow ??
Lots of ideas for this beauty

I have added 3 of these cookie molds
how unique perfect decor piece for a hutch or shadowbox 

Stop on by and check out my shop here 

Also another cool shop to check it out is Dust & Rust My Bro's Etsy shop 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pinterest Inspired Entry Way

Howdy, Happy Tuesday
Back at it after a weekend of celebrating 
our 7 anniversary
and visiting with my Dad & Lynn 
Can't wait to share more on that later

But I wanted to post a few pictures of my 
"work in progress" Pinterest  inspired Entry Way
It all started with the photo above, 
I love the curtains on the side windows
the rug, the dresser.
Mine doesn't look quite as good as I envisioned
 let's just say but it's a starting point

Love the Curtains (HomeGoods Find)
 wish they were a tad bit longer
I thought about adding a fabric ruffle addition to the bottom,
 to spiff them up some 
What do you think ?

Loving this lil vignette our family photo canvas
two plates that were my Grandmothers & an old crock
filled with Stuffed Sugar & Flour sacks

Next up is adding some more color, to perk it up some
And finding a thin console or sofa table for the other wall
and some more art work

I'd also like to add some hooks for hanging purses
and few coats

$$ is extremely tight these days, so trying to work/repurpose things
or find stuff at consignment shops etc.

Ooh forgot to add follow me on Pinterest here

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Birds on a wire

Welcome to the first edition 
of my new line of pillowcases, 
inspired my new home and surroundings

Bird on a wire is everything whimsy & fun
but has a shabby chic side 
With a fun mix of Vintage & New fabric
these little birdies are sure to win your heart 

Having a appliqued case is 
like jewelry for you pillow right ? 

These are perfect for a guest bedroom a tween's room
or a childs

Hoping to add a few more in different colors
yellow, blue probably

Can be available as a pair just email me for more info

This case would be a perfect little Valentine's Day gift

I also will be adding some more in the next couple
of weeks, stay tuned for some beachy themed cases

This cutie is sitting in my shop now
swing by and check it out, I have also added a few more vintage goodies

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A little day dream exploring..again

Well you  know a sucker for an old run down house
I drool and run my mouth about this place everytime we go by
It's either one day I am going to stop and take some pictures or
one day I want to buy this place ... yada yada yada
Daydreaming right...

ooh so why do I love this place hmm lets see from the
chippy white paint to the exposed eves (I believe that's what you call them)
to the hip style metal roof, the front porch and chimneys
Can't you just imagine sitting out there drinking some sweet tea & stuff 

I was dying to get inside this place and check it out but I was by myself
with 2 kids in the car asking Mommy why are you taking pictures of that broken  I saw the No Trespassing signs when I pulled up
yup that's a kill switch so I ran around like a crazy person as it's on a busy road 
story made up in my head ready to tell the cops if they stopped
"oops officer I am so sorry I couldn't help but stop and take a picture"
or the playing dumb sneryo "officer I just stopped to change a diaper and couldn't resist taking a couple pictures" let one wouldn't have worked for me
that day as the one that wears diapers was sleeping.. lo

And these barns imagine the photo shoots I could have using this as a backdrop

This is the back of the house inviting huh ? 
I think I could have gotten over my snake fear and jumped right in there
maybe I could talk my brother into going with me 
he's been known to have carried me into a house like this before.. haha
as I was scared to death about stumbling upon a snake

Anyway in my dreams I would live in that adorable little hip roof house
and run a antique/vintage/junk store maybe with my father & brother ?? Idea
you  guys listening you want in ?? lol
I envision some old looking pickers style gas pumps outside you know since it looks like
it could have been a gas station 

Thanks for listening to my daydreams and rambles today
Know any good places in NC to explore or worth taking photos of
email me :)