Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A little day dream exploring..again

Well you  know a sucker for an old run down house
I drool and run my mouth about this place everytime we go by
It's either one day I am going to stop and take some pictures or
one day I want to buy this place ... yada yada yada
Daydreaming right...

ooh so why do I love this place hmm lets see from the
chippy white paint to the exposed eves (I believe that's what you call them)
to the hip style metal roof, the front porch and chimneys
Can't you just imagine sitting out there drinking some sweet tea & stuff 

I was dying to get inside this place and check it out but I was by myself
with 2 kids in the car asking Mommy why are you taking pictures of that broken  I saw the No Trespassing signs when I pulled up
yup that's a kill switch so I ran around like a crazy person as it's on a busy road 
story made up in my head ready to tell the cops if they stopped
"oops officer I am so sorry I couldn't help but stop and take a picture"
or the playing dumb sneryo "officer I just stopped to change a diaper and couldn't resist taking a couple pictures" let one wouldn't have worked for me
that day as the one that wears diapers was sleeping.. lo

And these barns imagine the photo shoots I could have using this as a backdrop

This is the back of the house inviting huh ? 
I think I could have gotten over my snake fear and jumped right in there
maybe I could talk my brother into going with me 
he's been known to have carried me into a house like this before.. haha
as I was scared to death about stumbling upon a snake

Anyway in my dreams I would live in that adorable little hip roof house
and run a antique/vintage/junk store maybe with my father & brother ?? Idea
you  guys listening you want in ?? lol
I envision some old looking pickers style gas pumps outside you know since it looks like
it could have been a gas station 

Thanks for listening to my daydreams and rambles today
Know any good places in NC to explore or worth taking photos of
email me :)


  1. Hey there,
    I want to see inside also.. I love the barns. you can go to the tax records find who owns it and give them a shout!!you never know where it will lead. happy New Year

  2. Oh, I'm right there with you girlfriend! I love looking at old, lonely houses with good "bones" and imagining what they could transform into. Unfortunately, they tend to be in not the greatest neighborhoods or school districts. But I still like to dream......Stopping by from Hello Hue.

  3. This house looks just like my step-mother's uncle's house. Would you mind posting what town it's in? I could remember walking up those back steps and going into the kitchen. I remember not being able to get warm enough in the winter because the only heat came from a wood stove. I have many more fond memories flooding back, so I hope it's his house! ;) Susan


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