Monday, January 14, 2013

Hello Monday

Happy Monday!
Up early this a.m. ready to get my week started
Had a great weekend enjoying the awesome not so January temps
We Hit the beach, a yard sale, a little exploring, purchased 2 "new to us" vehicles and even stumbled upon a cool flea market
in which I almost got trapped in
Note to self do attempt to take a stroller into a crazy junk filled building where the aisles get smaller and smaller in the end and junk it piled all around you
whew.. I was sweating bullets in there
Needless to say we did make it out but not with out knocking over some stuff..
eek.. nothing broke

I am a sucker for Spanish Moss 
one of my favorite things about the land here
(sorry these pictures have nothing to do with this post)

These are part of a project I have in the works, 
"Maddies expression cracks me up "
These are going to be Silhouettes of the kids
I found some great oval frames at a local consignment shop
I think they will look pretty cool
Can't wait to share the finished project
which is on hold right now as some stole the backs of my frames grrr

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  1. I love those silhouettes! What kind of cars did you get? Stopping by today from Lisa Leonard.


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