Friday, January 11, 2013

Not your normal January

It totally doesn't feel like January here
Enjoying temps of almost 70 here and this weekend is suppose
to be in the high 80's heck yeah
We've been soaking it in 
Enjoying the sunshine spending most the days outside

Cleaning out the garage, Cleaning the grill
Moving wood piles and giving ride in the wheel barrel 

Taking lots of wagon, scooter & bike rides
picking up 3 million pine cones along the way

Another pillow hitting my Etsy shop soon

My photography assistant
lol, always wanting her picture taken

She's such a big girl and loves helping Mommy
when Baby Brother goes down for a nap Mommy & her get to work
weather it's doing hair or cleaning, or taking photos for Etsy items
She's always there ready to help

Our basket of shells & misc things 
saw this on Pinterest of course they had a basket of driftwood
on their front porch
I had this rusty guy laying around 
he's going to be perfect for our beach finds & other goodies

Leaving you with this ornery lil face
This post was pretty random today :) 

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