Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving !!

Happy Thanksgiving!
I am so thankful for my lil Maddie, my husband and my wonderful family!!
Looking forward to having a nice dinner with my family today.
This picture was taken last Thanksgiving..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sailwinds shoot

Here's little sneek peak from my latest shoot at Sailwinds Park in Cambridge. Turned out pretty well for such a windy & chilly day.
Hope everyone has a great holiday!!

Birds on wire

I have been trying to get a shot of the little birds on the telephone wire for a month now. I finally got a few.
There is an old store near Maddie's daycare and it's like the bird meeting place in the a.m. I have learned to make sure I have a camera with me. I wonder what those little birds do up there gossip, talk about stuff they saw or bugs they ate ??
shh don't hate on my smudge marks on my lens. Just now realized it :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Blackwater Shoot

I got to take part in the Camera Club's Blackwater shoot on Saturday. I was so excited to network with other members of the group. They shared advice and camera recommendations. The weather was chilly 40 degrees. I was bundled up like a snowman everyone else had on sweatshirts. We kind of split into two groups. I went along with Fran our Vice Pres. Her husband is an avid bird watcher and pointed birds out and their names. Pretty interesting. My favorite part of the shoot was a cool tree (above). I could have shot the tree all day. I also liked the fish net poles in the water. And the Bald Eagles. However mine lens was nothing compared to others whom had lenses as big around as my head. They got awesome shots. I couldn't get close enough. Oh well. Maybe one day. I did get to peek into their view finders and check out other people shots. After my trip to Blackwater I met a co-worker at Sailwinds and had a session w/her and her daughter.
It was way to windy but we made do. Sailwinds is an awesome location. Has a nice little beach and rocks. Stay tuned for those pictures... I'm tired off to bed.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

1st Hair cut

Maddie got her first hair cut this past week. We took her to Jcpenney where our friend Lisa works. We had been debating about getting it cut. But it was getting in her eyes and I couldn't stand it. Maddie was so good! Much better than I expected. She sat still and loved looking at herself in the mirror. Her haircut makes her look like such a big girl.

So grown up.

Even thou she's pouting, she's still cute!! Someone was mad cause she couldn't carry her lil chair down the hallway just the right way. Hope everyone is getting ready for the holiday. I can't believe November is almost over.. whew Time Flies. There's been so much going on lately I hope to catch up this week ?
Ooh and I pretty much finished my Christmas shopping Yay!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Driving Daddy's tractor

Maddie got to sit in Daddy's tractor. She was so tickled and touched every button inside. She squeaked when Tom turned the tractor on. After we pryed her out of the tractor we played in the yard throwing leaves up in the air. She loved picking up the leaves and bringing them to me. It was all fun until a bird pooped on her neck. A purple berry poo !! Oh boy

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dear Santa... I want

Amy Butler Organic Bedding

I am not asking for  It's okay to dream right. Really just looking forward to spend time with family & friends. And watching Maddie open her presents. This year is going to be fun.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Xmas Crafts

I have been quite busy making Christmas presents. These are shirts I have made for my nieces for Christmas. I also got them head bands from my favorite Etsy seller Joys Hope
Her shop is empty as she's on vacation but check back. They're adorable!

Class of 1996

The guys: Tom, Mike, Joe

Such slackers us St. Michaels High 1996 Classmates never had a 5 or 10 year reunion. Why cause we are that unorganized, unmotivated. However thru the mighty world of facebook we decided to come together and try for a 13 yr reunion. Why 13 you ask ? Got me but it was nice to get together with everyone. Out of a class of 60, only 12 showed up. Alot had sick kids. We had plans for a big party w/food & Dj and fun. But we didn't end up getting enough funds to pull it off. So we ended up meeting in St. Michaels for their Crab feast & Pig Roast. It was pretty nice, laid back kind of thing. A couple of the girls were so excited to get Crabs since they're from out of state. Hope more of us can get together again. It was nice to check up with everyone. Some people were so close and I didn't even know it.

Ashley part 2

My Fave

Here's a few more from my session with Ashley. The park is full of pretty leaves & colors perfect opportunity for some family pictures. Contact me I have found some new urbany (made up my own word there) locations.

To Gnome me is to love me...

Cutest Gnome ever!!
Gnome buddy

Our lil pumpkin

Maddie had a ball this Halloween! I was tickled with her Gnome costume., I ordered it off of Ebay but later discovered Walmart had the same costume.. Oh well! Next year I am hoping to make her a costume. We stopped by my co workers house, whom is a huge Gnome collector!! However she had most of hers put away for fall. However we did get one picture of Maddie & a Gnome that lines her sidewalk. Her neighbors and 6 or 7 huge blow up Halloween things in their yard and Maddie spendt most of her time over there pointing to them all. After an hour or so of pointing we attempted to leave. Whew that ended up being a battle. She kicked and screamed. Then on to my parents house where she got all sorts of treats!!

Radio Winner "Movie clip of the day"

Yes I won something else. I won these cute cake plates & little servers that sing Happy Birthday!
I always flip radio stations but tune into 106.3 the heat at 7:15am for the Movie clip of the day.
I have won twice now. Guess that means I watch way too many movies..