Friday, September 27, 2013

My First Voxbox From Influenster

Today I am sharing details on my first Voxbox from Influenster
I signed up filled out the questionnaire at and received these awesome goodies in the #mamavoxbox

I received Annie's White Cheddar microwaveable meal
Dr. Scholl's For Her Comfort Insoles, Pond's Luminous Finish BB+ cream
and not shown here a Belvita Soft Baked Breakfast Biscuit (not pictured)
cause when I opened the box my kids grabbed it and ran, I did manage to get a bite of it. Pretty yummy 

I am still trying out the products so far I am loving the Ponds BB+ cream
it's lightweight provides coverage, and I can notice a difference it gives my skin
a more natural polished look, plus it has SPF which is an awesome plus

I still have the Dr. Scholl's inserts to try and the Annie's White Cheddar bowl
but I have tried Annie's before and we love their products

I love getting surprise mail and I love trying out products
so this was a win in my book

If you would like more info or would like an invite to try #Influenster
Leave me your email address in a comment or email me at

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Farmhouse Style Decorating Shopping My Store

Great size bowl, Trimmed in Red
Perfect to hold your fruit, some warm biscuits or even some pasta 
Check out the listing here $15 

Okay So I totally getting into the Fall Season now.. bring it on
Been updating and thinking more about how to make my shop, blog grow
So introducing a new Series about decorating including all sorts of different ideas or styles., including pieces and ideas from my shop
bare with me as I figure out the best way to make it all work out :)

My thoughts were starting out with a Fall-ish kind of theme
so how about a nice cozy farmhouse with smells of fresh baked apple pies
a big front porch for drinking coffee, and nice big oak tree to throw down your favorite quilt and read a great book 

Here are a few ideas to bring some farmhouse style into your house
or add a little bit a retro-farm feel to your home

An Apple A Day..
This piece would be great included in your fall mantel display
or a great piece to decorate your today with for a Holiday Dinner
Spray paint it in your favorite color
Check it out here $7

This great enamelware fridge Box with Lid is one of my favorites
So many ideas to use this bad boy for including, plant some of your favorite succulents or herbs in it., use it to hold kitchen gadgets
Or even use as a serving piece
See it here $14

Love this Tall Rooster Glass Vase
Perfect for some fresh flowers for your table or kitchen counter
Listed here for $12

Great daisy bowl, perfect serving or display piece for your farmhouse kitchen
Love the bright yellow color
More photos here, priced at $ 6.50

This Awesome Vintage Table Runner was just listed in my shop
Probably won't last long, I love the colors
Listed here for $12

Great set of 4 Fruity Cloth napkins
Perfect for a sunday dinner table scape 
$ 7.50 Listing here 

Nothing says Farmhouse like some Milk Glass
Listed in the shop is this great Milk Glass Juicer $9 Listed here
& this Hobnail Style Vase $6 listing to come

Thanks for checking out the post today
Remember to fill your home with things that make you happy

Monday, September 23, 2013

Painting A Picture

Starting this monday out right, wanted to paint a picture with words
 of our/my day or week you could call it.
Today started out waking up a grumpy Kindergarten
headed out to the bus while enjoying the crisp morning with my cup of Green Tea, now finishing up that same cup of tea
Listening to the Doves outside and watching the sun peak thru the trees
writing my to do list 
Lots on the agenda for this week including possible house guest 
and a date night Yippee... 

Also Busy trying to push/take my shop to the next level
Lots of new stuff to photograph trying to stay up on it but it's
been hard to stay on task with two fighting babes, one is wore out from school
the other is just a handful sometimes 
they've been fighting like cats and dogs...grrr 

Still working hard to find a job, one I can do here at home or out of the home
the big debate about it being worth me going work is a daily fight
 as by the time you add up gas and daycare costs...would I be bringing anything home 
I think a job is the way to go we are in great need of the extra income
living off of one salary has been trying not to mention we still have
moving debt and daily living costs
I could go on and on about our situation but I will spare you the details...

Hoping to do some exploring with my boy this week., 
breaking out my big camera

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Retro Jewels

How cool are these Jewels, just added these two new finds to my shop
I love them, I see lots of potential

This brooch could be repurpose into a cool pendant
I am in love with the lemon lime colors
Check it out here in the shop

And I could see these vintage clip ons used to make a bracelet
Check them out here in shop

I love vintage jewelry something about the colors and the designs
If they could only tell a story about where they've been who wore them

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Soaking It Up

 We are busy here soaking up the last days of summer down herr in da south
Enjoying the garden goodies still going strong,
 The beautiful flowers that are still blooming 
 Not really looking forward to fall 
Okay maybe a tiny tiny bit, ready for some jeans n sweaters
But I just can't get in to decorating or thinking about Halloween, Turkey Day 
and the eek Xmas... yet ugh

Speaking of good weather 
I hit up a couple yard sales in my neighborhood this weekend via my bike
got to sip my tea and hunt for treasures
My little basket was filled to the brim.,
 got a few new things to put in my shop that I am excited to share
I actually have a lot to share, plus a little giveaway coming up

Friday, September 13, 2013

New Jewelry Designs

Howdy, TGIF !!
So happy and ready for the weekend
We've been busy hitting the beach after school a couple times this week
trying to squeeze the heck out of whats left of summer around here
oh and battling tree frogs that we keep finding in the kids bathroom, 
eek not sure how they are coming in. We've found one dead one and one live one that jumped on me when I moved the kids bath
So we looked it up online and apparently people have trouble with them coming up the drains and in the toilets...What the heck??

Anyways ...
Wanted to show off some new jewelry designs hitting my shop this week

First up is this vintage piece from an estate sale
 I repurposed making it a little longer and adding new and improved closures
It reminds me of something from the 1920's 
Love the color, I like to call it Pink Ice and the bead work & design is great
It's up for grabs for $18 
Would make a great piece for summer or winter
pair it with a summer dress, or cardy and some leggings

Next up is this Dreaming of the Sea Necklace
Antique Bronze stamped tag and chain
and a piece of shell found locally here in NC
Love the simplicity of this piece
Up for grabs for $15 
**Available in 16 or 18 in lengths**

And last but not least this cute little guy 
Antique Bronze owl with Vintage Foil Bead
Up for grabs for $16 
** available in 16 - 18 in lengths**

Hey Xmas is right around the corner... ugh 
Don't forget to stop in the shop this weekend to see these guys and maybe a few other vintage items...
Thanks... have a great weekend

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Get Out Your Box Of Grandma's Doilies

Well here I am back at it today with a little DIY for ya'll
I seen something similar to this on Pinterest 
and ran with it and made it my own

I started with a blank canvas 
(well in my case I lucked out and found this one at the thrift store with a hand painted verse on it) eek., sorry 
But it was the perfect size and only cost me a $1 How about that...

I painted it black, but would be great painted your favorite color
maybe a dark teal, dark blue or deep purple
I feel the black makes the perfect back drop
Once it was good and painted with several coats I got out my box of doilies
I had stashed away for a project., I have been picking them up randomly at yardsales and flea markets for awhile and have made a couple table runners
but I love this idea I think it makes a great art piece

Once I had a plan of what I wanted to use I got out my handy dandy
spray adhesive and went to town, I used a cardboard to spray them on the overspray can be a pain in da butt... eek
talking from previous experience here but that's another story

Mine is still not a completed project but I hope to fill in the spaces
with some more as I find them

It's found a home here in my entryway for now., 
I tend move everything around as I get bored with it 

On the subject of the entryway
I am still in search of the perfect console piece for it
until then, this table is working out pretty good., not exactly my style but
it has a great worth to me, to my family
as it's a hand me down from my father, it's been in the family for years
belonged to my great great grandmother

I love the history of a piece
I love the stories behind things, those are things to remember
tales of days gone by, heck an era gone by

What do you think ? I am liking it so far
hoping it's not too cluttered

Here she is, I will have to do a follow up after I add some more to it
**see that doily on the table yeah I didn't I totally could have used that one :(

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sucker For Succulents

Love me some succulents I am always drawn to them
Just wish they were more affordable
On my to do list is to make a terrarium
But for now I am busy splitting up my succulents batches 
and filling up misc planters like this one
This was an estate sale find, was hoping to clean it up and put it in my shop
it's a 1800 piece of WMA Rogers Silverplate collection 
However it seems it's beyond repair, I love the patina myself
so I planted a little sprig from my favorite succulents and taxa...
there you have it, Take a look around you never know what you might find

Been busy here creeping into a schedule or should I say normal routine
Miss Maddie is now riding the bus, does make it easier for us
and she loves it !!

We have met our new neighbors, they are nice but lots of different
children coming and going we have adopted one of them already 
A 9yr old girl, who thank goodness is only there once a week oops did I say that... She has spent all week over our house, super nice girl mines her manners but whew... mama doesn't need another one to watch..
I love seeing Maddie have someone to play with but it's gotten a little out of hand already., I may be jumping the gun I know it's new and fun and they may get tired of each other soon but eek I have so many mixed thoughts about it

I have tried the we need a break for some family time and that results in her waiting on our porch and peeking in the windows...
I feel truly bad that her family doesn't seem to care about her whereabouts or  
what she's up to...
Guess we will see what next week brings

I have shot it here on top of this piece that is headed to my shop
it's a vintage dresser piece I have heard lots of different views on this piece
one that it is either a childs play set or a jewelry box that sat on your dresser to hold your jewels ?? Anyone know anything about it

It's a wood, and painted a distressed white

Hoping to have it in the shop by tomorrow., Hope it finds a great home its and unusual piece

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Own Personal Model

Excited to share these new photos of my 2 new jewelry pieces
Many Thanks for my purdy Sis in law for modeling for me
I think I am going to have to hire her, I loved how these turned out

The Mermaid Cameo is available with or without the clam shell charm
and like I mentioned before 16 or 18 in lengths
$18 w/clam shell charm

And this little owl guy is my favorite 

I also just added this cool retro handbag to my shop
It's in like new condition, has a slip pocket inside
and tons of room

Would be great for fall, or use as a carry on bag for a trip 

I think it would even make a good camera bag hmm... 
I might have to keep it cause I like that idea 

Snag it here in the shop, before I change my mind 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Get Together

Back at it today, The cleaning, and School routine that is

 We had a nice Labor Day weekend with our favorite peeps
Had a shrimp boil on saturday with yummy dessert and golf cart rides
Soaked up some laughs, and cousin time
&  saw some awesome surprise fireworks 
End to an awesome day 

We even got to squeeze in some beach time yesterday 

Shout out to my purdy sis in law for modeling some Sew Vintage Good Stuff
I can't wait to share the photos

See that dessert was crazy good... 

My handsome Nephew, I am his favorite Aunt you know lol...