Monday, September 23, 2013

Painting A Picture

Starting this monday out right, wanted to paint a picture with words
 of our/my day or week you could call it.
Today started out waking up a grumpy Kindergarten
headed out to the bus while enjoying the crisp morning with my cup of Green Tea, now finishing up that same cup of tea
Listening to the Doves outside and watching the sun peak thru the trees
writing my to do list 
Lots on the agenda for this week including possible house guest 
and a date night Yippee... 

Also Busy trying to push/take my shop to the next level
Lots of new stuff to photograph trying to stay up on it but it's
been hard to stay on task with two fighting babes, one is wore out from school
the other is just a handful sometimes 
they've been fighting like cats and dogs...grrr 

Still working hard to find a job, one I can do here at home or out of the home
the big debate about it being worth me going work is a daily fight
 as by the time you add up gas and daycare costs...would I be bringing anything home 
I think a job is the way to go we are in great need of the extra income
living off of one salary has been trying not to mention we still have
moving debt and daily living costs
I could go on and on about our situation but I will spare you the details...

Hoping to do some exploring with my boy this week., 
breaking out my big camera

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