Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tis The Season ~ Stills: Catching up

My favorite shot….
Realizing her Pops was there… priceless 

Playing Catch up a few stills from the past couple of weeks

1 - Meeting Jolly Olde St. Nick himself (real beard, wow)

2 - Christmas School Program, Our big girl played bells & sang with her class

3 - Some tree trimming or rearranging

4 - The Griswolds would be proud, We have our lights up this year 

I have been hiding from my blog, but not on purpose
The Holidays snuck up on me this year… I had a game plan but whew… I am not sure what happened to it. 
On top of that trying to balance life again with having a full time job
adjusting myself and the little guy having major separation anxiety 
let's just say it's been an adventure to say the least…