Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Easter

Goodies from the Easter Bunny
Goldfish, M&M's, Dinosaur coloring book

Hunting Egg in her jammies

Great job!

Posing with the bunnies

Hunting Butterflies w/Daddy or Bees as she told me..
Look at those

Hunting egg in action

Mouth wide open screaming

Whoa she found all of these all by herself

Blowing Bubbles

One of my favorite shots of the day

We had a blast Easter Sunday
We traveled to Westminster to have Easter dinner with Tom's Aunt
and family. We had a blast! My girl was wore out.
She screamed when she saw the eggs and continued to scream
everytime she found one. Of course when she was thru
she wanted more eggs. So later on they had another hunt.
She was so happy and so into it. She found all of them all by herself.
We had a very nice dinner, I made Hummingbird cake!
believe it or not and it was quite good. I'll have to share
the Martha Stewart recipe I found. Reminds me alot of carrot cake kind of.
It was nice to catch up with Tom's side of the family.,
I do miss getting together with my family.
Everyone seems to go their seperate ways

Monday, April 25, 2011

Beaufort Wine & Food Weekend

Hitting the road tomorrow traveling to Beaufort, NC
for the Beaufort Wine & Food Weekend
So excited to be given the opportunity to photograph all of their events again.
I can not wait to explore more photography wise this time
and try a more creative approach to documenting the talented people
and the wonderful things this festival has to offer.
A ton of great events happening everyday this week & on thru the weekend.
Lots of great dinners, seminars & tastings.


Easter recap

Dying eggs with Mommy after visiting the Easter Bunny

Super cute handmade easter baskets from Maddie's class 

Yummy stuff, chocolate covered marshmallows her favorite

Some of her friends

Recap of our thursday & friday last week.
Thursday Maddie had her Easter hunt & party at school.
She had a great time, they sang a song and their teacher read a
cute Easter book. Then friday it was off to run errands and made
a short trip to see the Easter bunny at a local bank.
Then home for Easter Egg Dying.
Feels like I haven't sat still all weekend.
Hope everyone had a good Easter!
More to share soon!

Friday, April 22, 2011


What a cool photo display idea

How cool would this be above your desk

Cool Idea for a photo mat

What a unique idea for all of those wine corks you've been saving

Good Friday Everyone
Been slacking on my favorite friday posts
so I thought I'd share a little Pinterest love today
Here are a few of my favorite Craft inspiration photos
I have found on Pinterest. 
Sorry I can't get the links to work today. All of the photos are courtsey of Pinterest.  I will work on getting the links to work.
in the meantime follow me on Pinterest (under Christy Henderson)
 I have been a Pinning nut on there this week. 
Lots of ideas rolling thru my head.

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bunny time

We were given these guys to do a photo shoot with for Easter
took some practice shots in the living room last night.
Not shown are the shots of her kicking them and knocking them over
or dragging them around by their ears... whew Poor Easter bunnies

Headed out later on today for Miss Maddie's Easter party at school.
She's so excited!
Off work tomorrow we will be busy
baking and dying eggs tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our Daredevil

We hit our favorite park on Sunday for a little play time
All Miss Maddie wanted to do was swing and swing...
Mommy couldn't push her only Daddy..
Everytime he would stop she would holler push me Daddy push me..
I wanna go higher and higher..Such a little Daredevil

So much on my mind right now, couple projects to finish up
Can't believe this little baby will here soon
Slowly cleaning up the yard & the house
Here's what we have coming up 
Easter is this weekend, School party & hunt, Easter Dinner
Next week heading to NC!!, following week Maddie's Birthday Party
& Mothers day weekend.
Then the next week is my Dad's birthday, then Fathers day in June
And baby's arrival shortly after or before ??
Whew, wore out just thinking about it.
Busy, Busy

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekend Fun

We attended my niece's 6th birthday party in the Monsoon
on saturday. What a yucky day, thunderstorms all day, crazy wind.
Maddie had a ball, she wanted to play with the big kids.
And wasn't scared at all got right in the middle of them all and
they even included her in the games they were playing.
She greeted them Hey Kids!! Can I play ?
Maddie is so excited about her birthday party
I can't believe she's going to be #3 !!! eek
Seeing the 6 yr old girls at the party do their hair, talk about Justin Beiber, while they held their purses and tried on their high heels
I thought what in the world! this what I have to look forward to ?
Oh my! I don't know if I am ready for that. I'll take my
dinosaur lovin, plastic army men playin, little girl.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring is here

This is how we started out our week last week poor baby had a little spring cold, sinus/allergy with a fever.
We were home for two days from school,
She's still a little congested. Poor thing has her Daddy's allergies.
I was able to get some projects done on our second day home
 I can't wait to share.

Picture below is how we finished up the week!!
Back full force ready to go., Have more to share from our weekend!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

T Shirt Time

Smiley Kitty Cat Shirt Size 6-6x

Close up, the lighting is a little off colors are true to first picture

Cupcake Tee Size Small 6-6x

Big cheese! from my assistant

Truck Tee Size Small 6-6X

Maddie showing off the shirt I made her 
From Crystal's @ little bit funky she has alot of fun tutorials

Playing in Baby Brothers Nursery

Cupcake Tee Small 6-6X 

Maddie's Shirt ain't it cute

Another Cupcake Tee Small 6-6X

I wanted to share a couple leftovers I have from a large order I did
for a customer and her friends. This is what I have left. Most are all
the same size. Cherokee Brand (Target) Size Small 6-6X
If interested email me at
Thought I'd do a preview here before I put them on Etsy.
They are for sale for $10 includes shipping

Off work today home with Maddie whom ran a fever last night
and has a lot of congestion, thanks to the wonderful green pollen 
that has blanketed everything here. 
She's feeling a little better this afternoon