Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our Daredevil

We hit our favorite park on Sunday for a little play time
All Miss Maddie wanted to do was swing and swing...
Mommy couldn't push her only Daddy..
Everytime he would stop she would holler push me Daddy push me..
I wanna go higher and higher..Such a little Daredevil

So much on my mind right now, couple projects to finish up
Can't believe this little baby will here soon
Slowly cleaning up the yard & the house
Here's what we have coming up 
Easter is this weekend, School party & hunt, Easter Dinner
Next week heading to NC!!, following week Maddie's Birthday Party
& Mothers day weekend.
Then the next week is my Dad's birthday, then Fathers day in June
And baby's arrival shortly after or before ??
Whew, wore out just thinking about it.
Busy, Busy

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