Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Additions

Love these colors - Vintage 1973 calendar

Sweet Vintage Apron

Unique Harpers Weekly 1896 calendar Tea towel

Love the colors on this Tea Towel

Cute quote on this 1977 calendar Tea Towel

Working hard to update my Etsy shop for in time for Christmas
Check out the adorable apron & the Vintage calendar Tea Towels that
I have just added. I am hoping to add a few more things tonight.

Playdate with R & R

We had a busy weekend, Saturday had a playdate with these two cuties.
Miss Maddie was wore out. They played so good together.

Sunday I did a scrapbooking all day crop at the firehouse.
Which I haven't done in forever. I got a lot done. But not as much as I wanted to. But I got bored and wore out from sitting in that metal chair for so long.
And chowed down on some yummy stuff. Chicken and dumplings, ham & cheese sandwichs, pasta salad, cookies, brownies, rice pudding...
whoa.. a lot of scrapin and eatin going on.

On another note I have stocked up my Etsy shore.
I do a post soon on the new arrivals

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dear Santa

Print from Etsy in Turquoise of course

Kindle from Amazon
Anyone have one ? Do you like it ?

 This in Turquoise or gray please From Allora Handmade

Of course !! Release Date 12/4 !!

Through my lens necklance from Lisa Leonard

Teal Sweater Old Navy

Coat Old Navy - I need a decent coat

Sanuk shoes can't decide love both
I have a pair of their flip flops made from yoga mats... love them


Few things I am crushin on this year.
 I am normally on the ball for Christmas
but am truely slacking this year.
Normally I have things made and purchase stuff year around.
Not this year.
Hoping to make this year simple and think of whats really important
spending time with family and friends.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chesapeake Environmental Center

Here are a few more shots from the location of my session from sunday.
This is the Chesapeake Environmental Center located in Grasonville, Md
Definatly a place to check out, I'd love to get a family membership bonus for me with your membership you get access to their canoe & kayak rentals.
What a great environmental Center, the grounds all 510 acres are beautiful.
Environmental groups study and field test new practices for
Oyster/Bay and Shoreline Restoration.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sneak Peek For Abbie

Wanted to share a few photos of Abbie's girls whom were so fun & so easy to photograph. I had a ball taking pictures of them.
 Such beautiful girls and we couldn't have asked for better weather.
The location was perfect. I'll share more on that later.
Abbie hope you and the girls like these. I have much more to share.

Etsy shop update

Vintage Church print has and great frame

Classic Vintage dimpled beaded necklace

Beautiful Vintage Fall Afghan

Retro Tea Towel

Awesome Vintage leather flower imprinted wallet

Another Retro cross stitch tea towel

Added lots of goodies to my Etsy shop, so much more to come.
Slowly but surely, I am updating it.
Check it out! Christmas is almost here eek.
Hoping to craft some Christmas shirts for the shop too.

I had a nice weekend! Weather= great!!
I had an awesome photo shoot with two beautiful sisters.
At a great location, I am wanting to go back !!
Stop by tomorrow I'll have some photos to share from the session

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas Card Offer

Super excited to pass the word to fellow clients, bloggers, family and friends. 
Just saw a blog post on another blog about
this great offer Shutterfly is having.

Where they are giving away 50 free Holiday cards to bloggers.
Check it out here, So many great cards to choose from

 This is the perfect time of year to get your family photos done.
For your Christmas Cards or for gifts. 
 The fall foliage is beautiful here right now.
Give me a call or send me an email to set something up.

Best Buds

Whoa Mase I think we are hung up on something

Such a sweetie

This pictures reminds me of the picture below of my brother
 and I when we were little. 
Maddie and I have the same hair 

My brother and I  circa 1980 something

Cute Cousins

Everyone just relaxin - My step mom , other brother Puggy and Linds

We had a great visit with my brother and his family.
I loved watching Maddie and Mason play. Too funny!
I hope they're become great friends
We got to have crabs one last time and some yummy
DQ blizzard ice cream cake.
We did hit a flea market and some antique stores.
I was so excited to give him his present. Tom and I found a Natty Boh
(aka National Bohieman) which is a local Baltimore MD beer
wooden beer box in an antique store and I had to get it for him.
He's a big Natty Boh fan. I had never seen one before so it was perfect.