Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vin De Mer

Be prepared for an overload of Wine Weekend
Photos, Sharing a few favorites from the Vin De Mer Event
It's basically a huge tent of wine vendors, and local food vendors
Great fun!!

Check out Beaufort NC Wine & Food Weekends page
for more details, Beaufort is a Great little town on the water with
 lots of quaint shops

Loving this cool tear drop camper turned into a beverage serving station
Supposedly there are only two like this in the world
Pretty fancy

Sushi from Amos Mosquitoes

One of my favorite vendors is the Ginger Beer one
Lots of refreshing drinks

Cute couple all the way from Oklahoma

Monday, April 29, 2013


music from Blue Moon Jazz

I am unpacked, working on a mound of laundry and keeping two littles entertained while it pours outside aside from that 
 I wanted to share a few photos I managed to edit last night
from Sunday's Celebration Brunch
Part of the Beaufort Food & Wine Festival

Two of my favorite Wine Reps

Some of the yummy food provided by Beaufort Grocery & Sheri Castle

Mimosas for everyone 

Beautiful arrangements provided by Tildy Designs

Friday, April 26, 2013

Beaufort Bound

Happy Friday!!
I am Beaufort Bound this afternoon wanted stop in before I left
with some pretty pictures of my blooming like crazy Azaleas
I am loving the bright pink, thanks to the builder for planting these pretties it
was a great surprise!!

I love seeing all of Azaleas, and dogwoods and fruit trees blooms this time of year, Azaleas are everywhere here, I love the different varieties in the colors

My little blossom picker, you know Mommy Worms have to eat to
Hmm I didn't know they ate flowers
She is all about some worms, poor things

Off to charge up batteries and pack :( not my favorite part grrr

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dove Cuff

Wanted to share a few pictures of one of 
my favorite bracelets from one of my favorite shops 
I had been wanting one of these guys forever and finally 
decided to purchase it and I am so glad I did

It's a beautiful piece, The Dove design is beautiful
Well made, easy to wear 
A great all around piece

It's from Lily Wikoff of Lily Pottery
You must check out her website here
You won't be sorry, lots of unique pieces  

I am in love with her Triple Charm Necklaces 
and the butterfly hinge cuff bracelet

Her designs are also available in her Etsy shop Here 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The 2nd Child Syndrome

Why Hello, Beautiful morning here
Found this shot on my camera of my boy
Super cute & Super Ornery 24-7
I've heard people talk about the 2nd child syndrome 
You know the 2nd child whom is always the more of a handful than the first
Well this is so our little guy, he's a great lil guy
He's a total 360 of what his sister was
She was an easy girl, she went to sleep, she listened
whew... not him maybe it's a boy thing thou
He's into everything, This week he's learned to sneek out of his crib
mattress is lowered as low as it will go.
I have no idea how he's doing it he's so quiet.
I thought for sure I would he grunts, or a boom when he hits the floor

My brother was a handful, he ate plants he was into everything
 including under the sink
So I think my little guy is like his uncle

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Puddle Jumping

After like 3 hours of listening to a certain someone beg to play in the giant mud puddle in the backyard, she even came out with her bathing suit on 

Pouring rain in the a.m. turned into a steamy hot afternoon
So I gave in and let them have at it, Someone was more dainty at the mud puddle jumping then I expected, her brother not so
He charged right in, lost a croc half way thru and travelled on

They splashed and splashed and had a ball
in the mud and the muck
Reminds me when I was little we had a big storm
and our ditches over flowed big time, and all of us neighborhood kids
went swimming... gross yes
But a great childhood memory

Hoping my kids have lots of these
realize sometimes we have to let them go explore
get messy!!

Here's the one shoe off one shoe on, capture mid mud splash

One was soaked, One had splash dots up her legs
Warm Bath afterward and Lunch and everyone was ready for a nap

Monday, April 22, 2013

Beaufort Time

Hip Hip Hooray
It's one of my favorite times of the year
Beaufort Food & Wine Weekend
I was asked back to shoot the Festival again this year, so happy for that
Unfortunately I am only doing the weekend events
 (due to daycare issues for the kiddos)
but am still excited for the opportunity!!

I love Beaufort and am looking forward to seeing some familiar faces
and learning and growing my photography skills

Looking for something to do this weekend head over to the
Beaufort Food & Wine Weekend Page HERE
to check and see what events have tickets left

It's a great time, lots of great food & wine vendors
Parties held at great restaurants and homes

Few photos from last year 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

This Weeks Editions

Favorite Red Striped Bowl, Perfect for holding your fruit from the
 Farmers Market Or Great to Serve Spaghetti or your favorite pasta dish in 

Happy Saturday!!
Wanted to share a little of what 
I've been up this week
I added a few new goodies to the shop,
 lots of unique pieces I am excited about 
Be Sure to stop by the shop and
 check them all out here

Look at the curves on this gal, Gives it a little something 

Love these two retro Hand Painted Bathing Beauties
How cute would these be in your bathroom or a bedroom

Love the Detail

Retro Dough Blender, great piece with a practical use

Loving this sweet little Shabby Chic Tea Cup
Unique piece as the cup is adjoined to the saucer

And who doesn't remember Tab, I remember it 
I remember my Dad drinking it 
Unique curvy glass

Another favorite is this Brass Flower on a branch
Perfect for holding a votive or earrings on your vanity

Great Retro Metal Thermometer 
Perfect for the garage or as a home decor piece

Wooden Red Handled Egg Beater
Great for the Red Handled Retro Utensil Collector
In working condition

All of these guys are in the shop now
Stop by and check it out here 
Use Coupon code spring10 to enjoy 10% off