Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sleeping Babes

Quiet day here except for a certain someone overflowing our potty
eek., what an adventure 

These two can be a handful especially here lately
I don't know what the future holds so we are trying to enjoy
 our time together now. 

Exciting happenings with Miss Maddie (besides overflowing the potty) 
we get to enroll her into Kindergarden !!! Yay!!
She is so excited bless her heart she doesn't understand that she won't start
into the fall she thinks she's starting right away
In Maryland she was in a daycare center that had a school like curriculum to help prepare her for "big" school.
 Once we moved to NC we were on a waiting list for the county's
for preschool (we are still on the waiting list :( I ck in with them every month) And with my hubby losing his job  we haven't been able to
enroll her in any preschools due to $$ 
It's been upsetting for her and for me as I try to work with her but
it's not the same. Guess we'll see what happens
I just don't want her to be behind
But she's super smart and I know she can catch up

In other news we are headed to MD (back home) this weekend
to help my parents with some projects
 (remember they bought a house here in NC ) 
They are hoping to put their house on the market soon 
Anyone want to relocate to MD email me !! lol
Great deal !!! :)

P.S.  aren't these babies adorable when their sleeping 

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Thrift Swap

Good Morning or Mid morning should I say 
Tending to a sick lil guy today but wanted to pop
 in and tell you about a cool idea I wanted to try

You know I love anything and everything vintage, junk, antiques and thrift finds
 and a lot of you do too so I thought how cool would it be to try and do a thrift swap! I have participated in a mug swap before so why not a thrift swap
No rules really just be sure if you sign up you participate and don't leave the other person hanging so to speak
Can be anything like, vintage retro postcards, aprons, tea towels, doilies,
books and jewelry 
whatever you'd like to send, big or small its up to you

To participate leave me a comment with your email or
just email me at with our information

I will collect names and such till friday then I will mail you your persons info
and you can have at it!!

Have fun!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Vintage Tea Towel Pillow

Howdy TGIF 
Happy Friday to you
Thought I'd share a another Vintage Tea Towel Pillow I recently made
If you know me you know I love vintage linens, especially Tea Towels
and sheets, I am in love with the vintage Calendar Tea Towels
I have had my eyes on 1978 ones for awhile and I finally came across this Owl one and I had to have it, I love anything owl

I decided to make this into a pillow, had many other ideas of what to do with it
but loved this idea, I decided to cut the tea towel in half and sew the halves together simple as that. I will have to share a tutorial soon
These would make awesome birthday and Christmas gifts
hmm think I might work on these for this years gifts

I am going to also be adding some of these to my shop
if you have specific year requests let me know

The other pillow shown in the photos is a Rooster Tea Towel Pillow 
I made recently and is listed in my shop
It also has a different design on the back perfect for flipping sides
to add a different look 

The owls are on one side and the year calendar is on the other
flip to either side to mix it up some

In other news I have a fun idea to share on monday
 can't wait to share 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Preparing for Heart Day

Better late than never right
sharing some photos from our Valentine Making Party
check out their outfits, Pj's and dress up clothes

We got out our scrapbooking paper and paper doilies and went to town

The mess, whew the aftermath is still surfacing paper everywhere 

A special Valentine for a cousin
love her little drawings

and this little guy is all about some crayons & markers
He here is trying to find the perfect one for his project

What you don't wear dress up skirts as a dress
this one and her fashion sense whew.. we have our work cut out for us

Here is this guy trying to take apart the mini markers ugh

Some of our finished Valentines
Hope to try this project again in the future with the kids, I love looking at the
Handmade Valentines from my Grandmothers and hope the kiddos enjoy the same too one day.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More Updates

Back to shop updates, added these cutes yesterday
few more great finds to post
Getting ready to have a sale of sorts to clean up the shop some

How Cool is this circle table linen, love the bright colors
and especially the happy little people

Loving this handmade pillow (i made yay!!)
made from a vintage tea towel
the mix of colors are awesome
It has a rooster on one side and a vase of flowers on the other

Set of 2 enamelware pots
perfect for hanging on your kitchen wall

Set of 3 bowls, and 1 cup
pretty little cream and green trimmed enamelware set
Great for planting succulents or herbs for your garden or porch

Here is the link for my Etsy shop
Thanks for stopping by 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Love is all you need

Happy Monday/Presidents Day to you Folks!!
Just popping in to say hi !

Thought I'd share a few photos of a cute little pillow I made for our bedroom, loving the fabric combo
hoping to add some more pillows soon
Pattern from

On another note ~
We had a great weekend visit from my parents
whom closed on a house down here !!!!!!
Yay!! Super excited for them, for us
Glad Maddie & Dalton will have some grandparents close. I am so excited and love their new house
they have a long road ahead of them but it will be better once they get settled, find jobs, sell their old house etc... It will be a new chapter for them

I love this pattern, so easy! It has become my go to gift for baby showers, Christmas gifts and everything else you can think of 

I made one of these for a Breast Cancer Auction last year, with pink ribbon fabric and the word Hope on the front and made $55 that went to a fund for a teachers medical expenses.
 She's only 32 and was struck with breast cancer 
So sad I hate the word cancer

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bring on the Jewels

Happy Heart Day Everyone!!
Sorry I don't have pics up from our card making fun
working on too little sleep this morning...

I did want to share a couple new Jewelry frames
I added to the shop this week, I will be adding more in the next couple of weeks

This lil guy is a mini Vintage Blue Color Distressed
with a polka dot fabric backing
Check out the listing here 

Perfect for Earrings & Bracelets
and a few shorter necklaces

This one is my favorite, love this fabric
Added some rosettes for a little texture

Check out the listing here 

And just to show you this is what mine looks like
filled up with lots of goodies...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Look Who's Talking

Someone is talking up a storm, not many words yet
but boy we are in for it...
This week he started hollering Mommy, Mommy, Mommy then Daddy, Daddy, Daddy a little
cry or shout then back to the Mommys and Daddys
at Bedtime whew... Oh the fun
He even hollers his sisters name... Addie, Addie

Oh another note
today (this raining dreary day) we are getting a little creative and making some homemade Valentine's should be fun. I remember loving the ones my Mom Mom made for me out of magazine & catalog cutouts and paper doilies. So fun! So I thought why not lets make some new memories
Hope to share our finished projects tomorrow

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Designs

Sorry for the Johnny rain cloud post 
yesterday just one of those days
back today on a much happier post
wanted to share some new designs I recently added to my shop

Loving these Whale of Time Pillowcases
the navy and pink is a great combo
The pink makes it pop

Imagine these for a teens room, guest room
Beach House Bedroom ?? lots of ideas

Another favorite of mine are these
Catching fireflies Mason Jar Pillowcases

Perfect for a cottage by the sea 

Love the detail and the aqua pom pom trim

Also added a different version of my Birds on a Wire
design this one is blue with yellow birdies made out of vintage fabric

I have since added some button eyes for more detail

And this is my version of  Polka Dot Pillowcase
My favorite thing about this one is the different
stitching each circle has, when washed it will leave
it circle with it's own weathered look giving it lots of texture

Like always stop by and check out my shop
I have been steady adding stuff lots more to come

Click here Sew Vintage