Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sleeping Babes

Quiet day here except for a certain someone overflowing our potty
eek., what an adventure 

These two can be a handful especially here lately
I don't know what the future holds so we are trying to enjoy
 our time together now. 

Exciting happenings with Miss Maddie (besides overflowing the potty) 
we get to enroll her into Kindergarden !!! Yay!!
She is so excited bless her heart she doesn't understand that she won't start
into the fall she thinks she's starting right away
In Maryland she was in a daycare center that had a school like curriculum to help prepare her for "big" school.
 Once we moved to NC we were on a waiting list for the county's
for preschool (we are still on the waiting list :( I ck in with them every month) And with my hubby losing his job  we haven't been able to
enroll her in any preschools due to $$ 
It's been upsetting for her and for me as I try to work with her but
it's not the same. Guess we'll see what happens
I just don't want her to be behind
But she's super smart and I know she can catch up

In other news we are headed to MD (back home) this weekend
to help my parents with some projects
 (remember they bought a house here in NC ) 
They are hoping to put their house on the market soon 
Anyone want to relocate to MD email me !! lol
Great deal !!! :)

P.S.  aren't these babies adorable when their sleeping 

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