Friday, February 28, 2014

Shop Update

Stocked up the shop, with some new goodies
As usual its a mix of handmade and some cool vintage goodies
Check out the link in my side bar for my shop

We've been so busy around here, super excited this weekend to relax a little and hang out

How awesome is this Vintage Trench Art Glove Box 
Truly a work of art 

Bright and cheery Vintage Flower Pin
Love this color 

Working on a bunch of these handmade by me teddy bears
made out some cool retro sheets 

Awesome green & gold vintage trinket tin box 
Super cute, perfect for storing jewelry & other goodies
Would even be a cool succulent planter for your sunroom or window sill

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hitting The Trails

Well after 2 days of Arctic Temps hit here
we set out to enjoy a day in the sun and warm temps and to get out of the house
We decided to check out some of the trails in Carolina Beach State 
And boy were we exited., They love exploring and so do we
We've been trying to come up with more outdoor activities to do with them
Can't wait to find more things to do this summer 

The state park is beautiful if you ever visit Carolina Beach be sure to check it out
We are thinking about checking into camping there maybe in the spring
bringing our bikes, would be neat to try for their first camping experience
Lots of trails, great marina

Mr. Ornery himself, him and his shifty eyes

Snows Cut

Miss Explorer 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow in Da South

Scenes from our surprise snow day!!
Looks beautiful but was a solid sheet of ice 
The kids had a ball, bummed they couldn't build a snowman thou
We did some extreme cardboard box sledding with our neighbors
things were a mess for a couple days
hubby had to work 12 hr shifts at work, what a crazy mess

I'd had forgotten about what snow looked like, I have to admit I did enjoy a snow day

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I'm a Believer

Hey there 
I wanted to share some more info about my NEW Love for Essential Oils
All I can say is WOW!! I am a believer...

I decided to check out Young Living after hearing so many great things
about their Essential Oils and their benefits and I am so thankful I did
I joined on as a distributor and decided to get the premium starter kit
which included the diffuser above and a starter kit of oils
I totally recommend this kit as the best way to get started and try out the oils

3 of my favorite oils 

Peppermint ~ Great for headaches, Anxiety
Rub some on your temples and sinus area to get rid of your headache
Works great, even just getting a whiff of the bottle helps me

Peace & Calming ~ great for Stress, Sleep Apnea, Relaxation 
I rub this on my feet before I go to bed it helps me get a good nights rest, I also a couple drops of  it in a warm bath soothes sore muscles, helps relax and destress

Thieves ~ is my all time fave great for fighting sickness & colds
This one is a must have in my book
We rub on our feet before bed, and diffuse before bedtime

If you like to hear more about them stay tuned
 I will write about a couple oils and  more in another post.
Or shoot me an email @ I'd love to help answer your questions