Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I'm a Believer

Hey there 
I wanted to share some more info about my NEW Love for Essential Oils
All I can say is WOW!! I am a believer...

I decided to check out Young Living after hearing so many great things
about their Essential Oils and their benefits and I am so thankful I did
I joined on as a distributor and decided to get the premium starter kit
which included the diffuser above and a starter kit of oils
I totally recommend this kit as the best way to get started and try out the oils

3 of my favorite oils 

Peppermint ~ Great for headaches, Anxiety
Rub some on your temples and sinus area to get rid of your headache
Works great, even just getting a whiff of the bottle helps me

Peace & Calming ~ great for Stress, Sleep Apnea, Relaxation 
I rub this on my feet before I go to bed it helps me get a good nights rest, I also a couple drops of  it in a warm bath soothes sore muscles, helps relax and destress

Thieves ~ is my all time fave great for fighting sickness & colds
This one is a must have in my book
We rub on our feet before bed, and diffuse before bedtime

If you like to hear more about them stay tuned
 I will write about a couple oils and  more in another post.
Or shoot me an email @ I'd love to help answer your questions 

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