Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Publisher 8

(sorry it's so small, too blurry to zoom in )

Look what I just got in the mail
Maddie's Photobook for this year
I have decided since I don't have the time to scrapbook anymore
 but still want to document my littles everyday life in photos.
 I just completed Maddie's which goes from Christmas of last year
to December of this year. 
This is going to be a tradition now, one photo book each year.
Take a look here at her book

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Comic Relief Xmas Pictures

The winner this one made the Christmas card

The runner up !!

hmm Maddie looks grumpy and Dalton is looking at the camera yay!

Love this one 

ahh trying to get a picture of both of them...
Hilarious! But this one makes me smile

Remember how I said I was going to take our Christmas photos this year
well here they are they turned out okay.
Wish I could post all of them it was like a comic strip. 
Maddie was so all over the place
and Tom & I with the remote crazy. 
My camera stinks for remote pictures you have to hold the remote so high.
Anyway next year I am hoping to be more creative.

18 days till Christmas
no way I don't believe it, I have so many things to finish
and little things to get.

Other things happening this week
Baby Dalton turned 6 months old on Tuesday
weighing in at 20lbs 16oz  whew...
27 inches tall
Now eating cereal & baby food 3 times a day
Grabbing everything in sight
Making loud noises
Chewing & Drooling all over the place

Monday, December 5, 2011

Extreme Christmas Display

The plane crashed thru the fence presents everywhere, the pilot is trying to fix a wagon, the elf is trying to get the Tricycle off of the wing. 

Maddie posing in front of the display

If you are local you must check out this totally cool scene 
on Rt.33 St. Michaels Rd on the right before the Newcomb bridge.
Someone spent a lot of time and money
 putting this together the detail is crazy amazing.
Supposedly the people that own this have a private airplane collection.
Wow! Not many people just happen to have a jet laying around