Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christmas in St. Michaels Photo Shoot

I got to participate in a photo opportunity for Christmas in St. Michaels with a few members from the camera club. The community for St. Michaels was looking for shots for their brochures and website. It was fun! We got to be paporotzzi for the day. I was able to shoot the breakfast with Santa at Town Dock Restaurant. Seeing the kids reaction when Santa walked in was priceless. That was my favorite. I also got to shoot the parade which I haven't seen in forever. These two photos were my favorite of the bunch. It was a learning experience. I picked up a few pointers from the more experienced members which will help me. I just learned that I have 7 photos that were picked to be submitted to the community. Cross your fingers for me!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Mike's Wedding

Mike's Wedding

Mike's Wedding

Still getting caught up, Mike & Lindsey Wedding was a blast. Still working on the pictures. It was a busy time, trying to manage Maddie and making time to get all of the pictures. I did the best I could and feel honor to have helped document their special day. Enjoy!


Just wanted to share my Christmas. We had an awesome one, Maddie's first. We noticed Christmas morning that she had two front teefers coming in. How exciting! Of course Maddie had more fun with the tissue paper than her gifts.. My brother came up for Christmas, and we took him back to NC with us so we could visit and help out with his wedding. Which was New Years Eve.. They asked me to be their photographer. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. Well here's a few Christmas pictures.

J Family Shoot

Once again I have been slacking, here is a sneak peek of the J Family's photo shoot from early December. Dorothy is a friend of mine, her son and Maddie go to the same daycare. Which by the way is great! Thanks Dorothy for referring me to your daycare. Anyway, I took a couple different shots for a family pose for their Christmas cards this year. They turned out pretty good. They all dressed perfectly great color choice for the holidays..