Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Logo & Watermark

Yay! I am so excited to annouce I now have a logo & a watermark symbol for my lil photography business. I can't wait to get to work on marketing my business. I have an upcoming Business & Marketing seminar with a local photographer "Natalie Franke" who is awesome. I can't wait to meet her. Check out her blog to Tara at Tara Staton Photography & Designs for the awesome logo design. I am a big fan of her work. Here's a link for her website:

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sneak Peek

Her Veil
Getting Makeup

Taylor showing the salon her yoga moves


Just a few shots from Brandon (My step-brother) & Dale's Wedding this past Saturday. I was so excited to shoot their wedding but nervous at the same time. This is the biggest wedding I have ever done and wasn't sure if I could handle it. But I think I did pretty good. 500 + pictures to go thru. These here are from saturday a.m. the girls went to Shapers here in Easton to get their hair & makeup done. What a neat salon, it used to be a dairy. Each bridesmaid had a totally different up do.

Future so Bright...

She's got to wear shades.. Maddie shows off her new Dora shades while riding in her car. She so cool. I just got the lil red car at a yard sale. She still has quite figured out how to go forward just pushes backwards. She's still not walking yet but is pulling up and pushing her lil baby stroller and stool anything that'll move. The past couple days she's gotten brave and will pull up on something and just stand there for a few seconds. So any day now she'll be taken off.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Corrabelle Stamps!

Retro Mixer too cool

The Happy coffee cup

My Favorite of hers. I can totally see this on all sorts of things for Maddie

She designed this one especially for me per my request

So I luv stamps... I treated myself to this handcarved stamp from Etsy seller Corrabelle. Check out her Etsy Store at: She hand carves these stamps with such cute designs, which can be used with all sorts of different inks. On all different surfaces paper,wood, fabric. She also does custom made stamps, just email her on Etsy your idea and she'll get back to you in no time.

I can't wait to use mine to make some custom made cards. I plan on using the camera stamp to accent my envelopes, cd covers, thank you cards. I totally have my eyes on the Mermaid stamp!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

God is great, Beer is good and people are crazy!

The finished product
Applying the magnets

Applying the glue dots

My caps

I luv that song! Anyway I have a stash of beer bottle caps, from our lil BBQ so I decided to make magnets out of them. They turned out pretty cute. Simple to make: Supplies needed, Bottle Caps, Glue dots, Magnets. Glue dots are great they make the magnet sit up high Planning on gift them as little Christmas gifts.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Good Times with a great friend

Alex playing with Maddie

Alex's face in this one cracks me up

Ryan so cute

Sneaky Sneaky, snapped this one while they weren't looking

Miss Maddie and I got to get together with Mullins on Sunday. We went to Mickey D's ordered some food and headed for the park. What a beautiful evening! Maddie swang in the swing, her favorite on the playground. While the boys ran from one end of the playground to the other making friends as they went. We topped the evening with a trip to Dairy Queen. Blizzards & sundaes for everyone. Needless to say Maddie was exhausted. She enjoyed watching the boys.

Circus Time !

Dorothy & R.P.

The Amazing Tatanka the circus world's only performing buffalo

Maddie, R.P. Dorothy went to the circus last thursday. It comes across the street from my house for one night only every other year. So I finally got to check it out. And it was interesting! not to mention 300 degrees in this tent with no air. Maddie liked the music clapped her hands a couple times. But didn't seem too interested. I had to occupy her w/food. And even let her play with a tissue. Which she ended up eating a piece of. Gosh I am such a wonderful
Anyway my favorite part was the dog pound, a bunch of dogs that did random tricks. They even had a buffalo which was weird, he stepped up on a platform and walked on a see-saw thing and that was it. To make the story short Maddie got restless and we ended up leaving at intermission.
Don't laugh at the pictures they were taken on my point & shoot while trying to hold a restless one year old..

Friday, June 12, 2009

Herbs & Stuff

Back with another easy gift idea I want to share. Since I am on a Blog roll these days. I find myself always picking up lil flower pots, teacups and other random containers from yard sales, flea markets and I end up saving them. Well actually they are scattered all of my house. Anyway my new favorite thing is buying Herbs and putting them in these containers. I put together one of these a couple years ago for Lindsey for Christmas "and I think she's since killed it :( " But it's not an expensive gift, I pay like $2 for the Herbs. And containers .50 up to $3.
These make great little additions to a window sill, desk, patio table. I have a mint pineapple plant in my latest find a milk glass container. I have another in the works for a co-worker for a birthday gift.

My favorite Herbs to use are Mint (which comes in different favors), Thyme, Lavendar, Basil, Oregano. This idea would also work with small cactus or Bamboo.

Ruffled Bottom

Okay ~ so I am addicted to photography & craft blogs!! Along with my other addictions Farm town, Twilight, and of course Etsy!

I have come across these adorable Ruffled Diaper covers! Wouldn't Maddie be even more cute with one of these one. Here's the link for Rae Gun blog! Must check it out. Check out her etsy shop at: My fave is the Rocker pink & the Citrus Summer.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Sunday we laid low and had a small BBQ to go over some wedding photography details. As I am
shooting Brandon (my step-brother) & Dale's wedding next weekend. We found out that Maddie luvs sunglasses. Dale gave her Taylor's Dora glasses. Maddie never once tried to take them off or anything. Infact she cried when I took them off of her. So I picked her up a pair this week at Target.

St. Mike's Strawberry Fest.

Yummy cake...
Driftwood art work

I know I blogged about Maddie & I venturing out to the Strawfest festival in St. Michaels on saturday. Well we did make it down there, and just in time. It was crowded but not too bad.
We checked out all of the craft booths, and then headed inside for some yummy strawberries & lemonade. One of very favorite crafters was these two guys you'll see in the pictures below whom made mirrors & other artwork out of driftwood and other beachy stuff. Pretty awesome.
So that's on my list to attempt to make my own driftwood creation.

Whipstitch Fabric Giveaway

I came across this awesome giveaway today! from Whipstitch Fabrics! & the Fabric Shopper to enter you have to visit Whipstitch Fabrics (etsy store) pick out 12 fabric selections and make for own fat quarter using a theme or unifying element to tie them together. Then post it in a comment on the Fabric Shopper blog. You can also blog about the giveaway to double your chances. Wish me luck! They have the coolest fabric. I have already saved a few in my Faves on my etsy account.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Another project I saw this online, would make a great Father's Day present. Turn an photo booth photo into a bookmark. Very easy, I took the photo applied to cardstock with scrapbooking tape and used self laminating sheets (from Staples) and trimmed. This is one is an old photo of me and my Dad. I'd give it to my Dad for Fathers day but he doesn't read books. Just car magazines!

Friday, June 5, 2009

She's Crafty

So lately, I have been working on a few craft projects. Early Christmas gifts, birthday presents and just because gifts. I have made a scrappy wallet idea I found on Grace Violet's blog here's the link:
Totally cool idea. I can think of a ton of people whom these would make awesome presents for.
Well mine did not turn out so good. But hey I will keep practicing. I also got an idea for a fabric covered composition book. Will see how that one goes. Chow for now!

P.S. Maddie and I are heading out to the Strawberry festival in St. Mike's tomorrow. Hopefully weather permitting.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Catching up..

Goodwill Finds
Maddie assisting with paperwork

Our messy office room

Sorry, I have been pretty busy lately. You know it happens addicted to facebook, working on craft projects, etc. etc. What a good day to catch up on things, weather is cool & dreary today. Maddie's daycare is closed so I had to take the day off she's been busy helping me organize & clean. We of course found time to play! We also made a trip in town to comb the Goodwill for some goodies. Check out our finds and some pictures of our day together.