Monday, June 15, 2009

Circus Time !

Dorothy & R.P.

The Amazing Tatanka the circus world's only performing buffalo

Maddie, R.P. Dorothy went to the circus last thursday. It comes across the street from my house for one night only every other year. So I finally got to check it out. And it was interesting! not to mention 300 degrees in this tent with no air. Maddie liked the music clapped her hands a couple times. But didn't seem too interested. I had to occupy her w/food. And even let her play with a tissue. Which she ended up eating a piece of. Gosh I am such a wonderful
Anyway my favorite part was the dog pound, a bunch of dogs that did random tricks. They even had a buffalo which was weird, he stepped up on a platform and walked on a see-saw thing and that was it. To make the story short Maddie got restless and we ended up leaving at intermission.
Don't laugh at the pictures they were taken on my point & shoot while trying to hold a restless one year old..

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