Friday, May 28, 2010

Old Blue


Check out my latest find !! Last saturday before the car show we hit a local flea market
And I found this rusty beauty! I got a dirty look from my husband when I picked it up and smiled at him.
Then when I saw the price tag, I smiled even bigger $1.00 a dollar
Can't beat that. It's so heavy.
I've had my eye
I am thinking of using it to store my scrapbooking/card making supplies
or sewing stuff.. or planting some herbs in it.
hmmm so many ideas

I have some exciting news! Guess what I have decided to do my first ever giveaway here on my blog!!
I am teaming up with a great Etsy Seller!!
Stay tuned hoping to make the annoucement next week
So excited!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


My favorite. Thinking I want a canvas of this one.

These were taken by my friend Maggie of Doodlebeans Photography
I have been wanting to get some good family shots on a beach 
Thought about trying to get some with the tripod and the remote. Yeah not a good idea.
Maggie takes great photos, and did exactly what I wanted.
I couldn't have been more happy with them.
Check out my teal & yellow combo, what do you think?
I had also picked out white & khaki, Yellow & gray outfits.
So Miss Maggie wouldn't accept any money from me.
I was going to sneak a check to her in the mail but
I am thinking about getting her a gift of some sort.
Like a cute business card holder & camera strap, lens bag, B&H gift card,
or a gift card to a local restaurant.
Or should I just write her a check ?
Help! Got any ideas ?


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little Pre-k Grad

This cutie is my 5yr old niece
Who is graduating from Pre-K on thursday

Taylor & Her Step Mom

She's going to make a great Big Sis!

Baby Ascher is due July 8th. Got the feeling he may be coming a little sooner

So cute, Maddie had a ball playing with Taylor

Took these last night, She missed her school graduation photos
so I was lucky enough to do them for her dad. I think they turned out good.
She's such a cutie! And Maddie loves playing with  her.

Tonight we are off to the Circus should be interesting.
It's a little fly by night free circus., And it's across the street from our house.
We love right outside of town, across the street is a little 4-H Park.
Which has Flea markets, Fairs, Circus, Weddings, etc..
Seems like there is always something going on.
Sometimes good, sometimes bad

Monday, May 24, 2010

Karb Kings - Car show

Sucker for White Walls

Hulk hogan look alike.. I know I am so bad. But I couldn't resist
Hey is that a grocery bag of Coors light ?

Well here's a few shots from the Car show on Saturday.
The weather was perfect. Sunny & Breezy!
I blinded people and wore shorts...
We had the best pit beef in the world.
I loved seeing the old cars, and the crazy cars.
I so want a big car with a huge steering wheel., I like the old Chevy wagons too.
We have a 53 Ford truck ,Tom's working on. Can't wait to see it finished.
Hopefully I will be alive to see it finished... Just kidding.
It's been a 2yr project.. He's very particular let's just say that.
That's a good thing thou right ?

We had a busy weekend, It's seem like we are always on the go.
Friday we had our pictures taken by a fellow photographer friend.
(I think they turned out good! I'll have to share when I get them.)
The session made me itch to get back into scheduling more photo shoots.
It's so hard with a little one & a full time job.
I promise to make time and set some up. I love enjoy taking photos.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Etsy shop restock

Vintage tea towel - was hard to give this one up
Fabric hoops I made
Vintage Necklace (made out of some sort of beans?)
Embroidered tapestry
Crosstiched Hummingbird pillow cases
Vintage fabric SOLD* put this on last night and sold first thing this a.m.
Cool Retro pitcher - again hard to resist keeping this one

Though I'd post a couple photos since I updated the shop last night
I was starting to pile stuff up!
My new table made the perfect display for my items

Off to the car show tomorrow., sneak in some yard saleing, then baby shower on sunday.
Another busy weekend. And off a half day today sitter has dentist appt.
Excited the weather is beautiful today!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

School of Fish




Ok so I have a bad habit ! of being addicted to these surf board fish
I posted before on here about Craig and his fish.
My brother had gotten us the Seahorse for Maddie's bedroom for Christmas. And we love it
We ended up getting Delmar when we were down for the Wine & Food weekend.
Thou I wish I had gotten two more little guys to put together, like a school of fish.

We got to check out Craig's awesome house and see his work.
I could have taken one of everything he had home with me.
We ended up requesting a Nemo fish, then he told me he had a Dory
hanging in a local restaurant for sale.
 I was so excited. I knew they would be awesome for Maddie's room.
I had hoped to have them by Maddie's party but didn't want to bug him.
Craig surprised us and got both done in time for Maddie's birthday!
 My brother ended up showing up with them. I was so surprised.
I finally hung them up in Maddie's room last night. They look great!
And she loves them. This morning she woke up hollering Mo,Mo (NEMO)
I couldn't get her out of her room this morning. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

From my front porch

Our sidewalk drawlings daily ritual at our house

Chubby fingers

My mexi roses

Couple shots of my front porch., Check out the adoreable table my brother made.
Isn't it awesome!! And it's my favorite color!!
He made a couple table to sell at a craft show/flea market in Beaufort NC where he lives
He sold a few smaller side tables but none like the one seen here :(
Bummer I think it's awesome.
He lives in a beachy town, you think they would have been a big hit.
I think he should try to put a few on Craigslist or maybe contact a local shop.
Their town has a bunch of cute lil shops right on the water. Very tourist friendly!
Mike if your reading this, you should check into it.
He's selling them for $35 the few he did were in the color seen above and a peachy orange color
and a cool seagrass color.
We did a trade this table for a that pedastol sink we had ! Good trade!
(however he brought the table up when he came to visit but I forgot to give him the sink)
oops!!  :(

Good news!! Food & Wine weekend Photos are in the mail
On to new projects!

Headed to a cool car show this weekend! It's a wild one. Definatly bringing my camera.
photo from Mobtown greaseball photos on facebook

It's called Mobtown Greaseball Spring Fling
Lots of tattoos, beer and cool cars!
Okay not into the beer or tattoos but cool cars!!
I am hoping to get some great car shots., with my new lens.
The people are fun too! They dress in full 1950 attire
Lots of greasers, tight white tshirts and rolled up jeans.
The women wear 1950 style dresses and petal pushers. I love it!!
Wish I could pull that off. Plus they have alot of retro bands

Saturday, May 15, 2010


 Happy Birthday Today
#55 !!
To the best Dad in world. I love you!
Hope you have a great birthday today
 (even thou you have to work )
Anyway, I appreciate everything you do for us.
Your always there for us/me/Maddie
You have taught me so much!
Including: how to pay half for everything..
ha ha just kidding
But No I could not have asked for a better dad!