Friday, May 28, 2010

Old Blue


Check out my latest find !! Last saturday before the car show we hit a local flea market
And I found this rusty beauty! I got a dirty look from my husband when I picked it up and smiled at him.
Then when I saw the price tag, I smiled even bigger $1.00 a dollar
Can't beat that. It's so heavy.
I've had my eye
I am thinking of using it to store my scrapbooking/card making supplies
or sewing stuff.. or planting some herbs in it.
hmmm so many ideas

I have some exciting news! Guess what I have decided to do my first ever giveaway here on my blog!!
I am teaming up with a great Etsy Seller!!
Stay tuned hoping to make the annoucement next week
So excited!!!


  1. O M G!!!! I would have had to take you down for this one:) It's AWESOME!!!!

    It matches my peacock chair:)


  2. awesome tool box!!!!! SO jealous - and even more amazing that it was only $1.00 - good for you - post some pictures of where you finally decide to use it!


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