Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oxford Shoot

Mast reflection in boat shop window

Sunset between two pilings (spelling ?)

Old radio in the Church

Here are a few shots from the Oxford shoot last friday night.
Tom picked Maddie up from Daycare so I could go !! Yay!
I joined some friends from the Camera Club on a Sunset & Moon rise shoot
on the waterfront in Oxford.  We had access to two local churches and
boatyard and onto the ferry dock for the sunset.
It was blowing like crazy and a little chilly. My hands were freezing.
Hard to believe when this week it's in the high 70's !  Anyway..
Someone came up with idea for the shoot  to get the moon rising in the background of the shot and the reflection of the sunseting in the wine bottle & glass. See my photo above. I tried, others I am sure got better shots.
I didn't bring my tripod, as I hate it.
I don't have the patience for it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I tend to get a little carried away with ring shots, I always have tons
of ideas on how, where, and what to shoot them on.
All of these were taken at the last wedding I did.
I love the all of the details of this wedding.
So much time, sweat and tears go into the planning of your big day.
Next wedding you attend do yourself a favor and take time to notice the details.

On another note I have started my own photography page on facebook.
Check out the link below. Please join, and keep informed of specials, updates
and more sneek peaks of my shoots.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Tractors & Corn  Big hit!

Listening to music

 Maddie and her cousin Taylor

 Daddy & Maddie

Milking a pretend cow with Mom mom.. hilarious

 So serious

Lost in the corn maze

Picking out her pumpkin

 Jumpin with Mommy

Guarding our pumpkins

A week behind, pictures from the Pumpkin Patch and a
 Harvest Hoedown and the environmental center.
Maddie of course had a ball at both. We went to the Harvest Hoedown with my step brother's daughter Taylor and my parents.
Maddie loves hanging out with Taylor. 
And she Loved picking out pumpkins at the patch and running thru the corn maze even thou Mommy was freakin out cause we got lost.
Totally loving this fallish weather we are having.
But couldn't believe it was close to 80 that weekend. Crazy!

Been busy editing wedding pictures and clean sweeping my house.
I am so tired of junk and stuff that I keep thinking I am going to do
something with it. So I going room to room decluttering.
Starting with the kitchen. So far so good.
And toys thats a whole another discussion.

Maddie started her new class today., can't wait to see how she does.
She has been going to the new classroom for an hour everyday last week.
 And they said she was doing great!
But this week is the real deal. Much bigger classroom and more kids.
I'm excited for her. Secretly hoping it wears her butt out so she sleeps good.
Awful I know but the past week she's been getting up around 2-230a.m.
coughing and coughing. We have vapor city going on.
Vapor bath, rub, plug in and humidifier ..
Nothing helps but some water and another dose of medicine.
Just allergy related yuck :( poor girl has Daddy's bad allergys

Friday, October 15, 2010

Trike a thon

Check out my girls ride. Love the monkey horn

Sharing some pictures from Maddie school held a Trike a thon for St. Jude's
I was so glad I got to come watch it was so cute and quite funny.
And for such a good cause raising $ for St. Jude's
They grouped her class her the class below her little bit younger kids.
And some of them just sat on their bikes watching everything.

I was asked by the director to take pictures of each of the kids
Sure thing, I did and made copies for the younger kids and Maddie
classmates. They turned out great, wish I could share them.
I also made the director a disk.
And it made me feel so good that the raved about the photos
and asked if I would take photos for Halloween, Christmas & Easter..
Needless to say I am stoked.
I get to take group photos of each class dressed up in their costumes
and maybe some photos of them at their classroom parties.
I am looking forward to this, looking at it as another way to get
more experience. Yay!

On another note today is Maddie's last day in her class the Strawberry patch
she moves up to the Carrot Patch next week, a few of her original kids that
were in her class have already moved up. She I know she will enjoy
seeing them again.
Guess time flies, Excited for her move yet nervous.
Plus we just found out one of her teachers is retiring :(
I know Maddie will miss seeing her.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Katie & Todd Wedding Sneak Peek

Love the bubbles


There is a story about the hard hat, the church where they were married was under construction and the builder worked so hard to
get everything finished in time for the wedding
and as a joke the builder gave Katie this hat to wear for the wedding.

What a great idea! I love this.
All of the guests stamped their fingerprint on the tree
 and wrote their name beside it.
What a great treasured piece to have hanging on your wall

The brides daughter is adorable, such a ham for the camera 

Since the bride & groom are back from their honeymoon to Jamaica
I thought I'd share a sneak peek of their wedding photos.
 Katie & Todd thank you so much for allowing me to document your
special day!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Nice lil coffee shop stopped for fruit energy smoothies

Neat building downtown Manteo area

Cute lil antique stores like this one

Waterfront area downtown Manteo
Our friends Kim & Kirk

I promise I am almost done with vacation photos...
These are a few shots of Manteo, I call it Man-teo,
but it's pronunouced Maneo.. those silent letters get you everytime don't they.
Anyway Manteo is a cute lil town near the Outer Banks.
We've been wanting to explore the town. As it's on our list of possible
future towns to relocate to. Super cute waterfront town, lots of little shops,
Antique stores, Restaurants. Adorable craftsmans style houses everywhere.
Oh and apparently Andy Griffith lives here now.

Loving this fall weather, headed to the pumpkin patch this weekend!
And hoping to hit some yard sales. Wishful thinking probably.