Friday, October 15, 2010

Trike a thon

Check out my girls ride. Love the monkey horn

Sharing some pictures from Maddie school held a Trike a thon for St. Jude's
I was so glad I got to come watch it was so cute and quite funny.
And for such a good cause raising $ for St. Jude's
They grouped her class her the class below her little bit younger kids.
And some of them just sat on their bikes watching everything.

I was asked by the director to take pictures of each of the kids
Sure thing, I did and made copies for the younger kids and Maddie
classmates. They turned out great, wish I could share them.
I also made the director a disk.
And it made me feel so good that the raved about the photos
and asked if I would take photos for Halloween, Christmas & Easter..
Needless to say I am stoked.
I get to take group photos of each class dressed up in their costumes
and maybe some photos of them at their classroom parties.
I am looking forward to this, looking at it as another way to get
more experience. Yay!

On another note today is Maddie's last day in her class the Strawberry patch
she moves up to the Carrot Patch next week, a few of her original kids that
were in her class have already moved up. She I know she will enjoy
seeing them again.
Guess time flies, Excited for her move yet nervous.
Plus we just found out one of her teachers is retiring :(
I know Maddie will miss seeing her.

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