Monday, October 18, 2010


Tractors & Corn  Big hit!

Listening to music

 Maddie and her cousin Taylor

 Daddy & Maddie

Milking a pretend cow with Mom mom.. hilarious

 So serious

Lost in the corn maze

Picking out her pumpkin

 Jumpin with Mommy

Guarding our pumpkins

A week behind, pictures from the Pumpkin Patch and a
 Harvest Hoedown and the environmental center.
Maddie of course had a ball at both. We went to the Harvest Hoedown with my step brother's daughter Taylor and my parents.
Maddie loves hanging out with Taylor. 
And she Loved picking out pumpkins at the patch and running thru the corn maze even thou Mommy was freakin out cause we got lost.
Totally loving this fallish weather we are having.
But couldn't believe it was close to 80 that weekend. Crazy!

Been busy editing wedding pictures and clean sweeping my house.
I am so tired of junk and stuff that I keep thinking I am going to do
something with it. So I going room to room decluttering.
Starting with the kitchen. So far so good.
And toys thats a whole another discussion.

Maddie started her new class today., can't wait to see how she does.
She has been going to the new classroom for an hour everyday last week.
 And they said she was doing great!
But this week is the real deal. Much bigger classroom and more kids.
I'm excited for her. Secretly hoping it wears her butt out so she sleeps good.
Awful I know but the past week she's been getting up around 2-230a.m.
coughing and coughing. We have vapor city going on.
Vapor bath, rub, plug in and humidifier ..
Nothing helps but some water and another dose of medicine.
Just allergy related yuck :( poor girl has Daddy's bad allergys


  1. love this season and pumpkin patches!!! I also love the shot in the corn rows - hope the allergies get better

  2. you captured so many great shots. the one of your daughter in the corn field is so great!


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