Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Special

Hope Everyone enjoy a great Thanksgiving 
spending time with their Families

Popping in to offer you a 30% off coupon code
Enter blackfriday30 for 30% off your order 
Valid 11/19-11/30

*Stay Tuned for some Cyber Monday Deals 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Holiday Style

Hey there, finally back with my latest shopping my shop series post
This one is Holiday Style, Why? not right the Holidays have crept up on us.

The holidays are the perfect time for updating your seasonal decor, or giving gifts of seasonal decor

First up is this great Vintage Tablecloth, with nice bright yellow, pink & blue colors. Great for entertaining 

Great Set of Vintage Yellow Pottery
Perfect for setting your table, with fresh greens 

Vintage Flour Sifter

Fruitful Table Runner 

Set of 6 Vintage Fruit Placemats, Perfect for gift giving or entertaining

Vintage Patchwork Napkins 

Retro Milk Glass Juicer - Gift Idea

Perfect for a mug swap

Unique Serving Pieces, great for gift giving or using for Family dinner 

Silver Plated Platter 

Perfect for displaying a fresh holiday arrangement 
Retro Rooster Glass 

Retro Daisy Bowl 
Perfect for serving your favorite Holiday Dishes

Thanks for stopping by, all items are available in my shop
See the link in my side bar :)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thoughts and Wonders Stills from the Weekend

Well looks like I am officially back to the working world 
finished my training and starting at the office tomorrow :\
Excited and nervous 
all of those will they like me, Can I do this kind of feelings 

To throw a wrench in everything my boy is sick again
Fever, snot everywhere, I feel horrible 

Well trying to push back my fears and charging forward 
I think this a good opportunity for me, and my family
and can't to see where it takes me 

Some random photos of my new hutch, I am in love with it
thanks Mike & Linds 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hang In There

Hang in there guys, I started my new job training this week
it's been crazy… but give me some time to work out my schedule 
I have lots to share 

Some random photos from my favorite abandoned building nearby
gotta love a good blue door 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

DIY Hankie Frame

Sharing a little DIY Hankie Project today
Seen an idea similar to this on Pinterest so I can only take partial credit for it.
I am a Hankie lover, kind of like the doilies I seem to pick them up all over
Always a sucker for a pile of vintage Hankies
So why not frame them…right

I gathered up some hankie and decided on which ones were my favorites 
and set them aside 

Way too many to choose from 

I picked up these black Album frames from Michaels craft store
for $9.99 a piece I timed it right they were buy one get one free
Yippee!! Plus I had a coupon 
So Major score 

I think they turned out pretty good I found that some were different sizes
and didn't fit well other worked perfect
I think it would be fun to use a small hankie with some scrapbook paper as a background, Lots of varieties on this project 

I am loving the way they turned out, thinking of adding a few more
in place of the Doily canvas, Don't worry I would find a better spot for it 
It's changed a lot since this picture I added a few more doilies it's filling up nicely


Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween The Day After Of Course

Poor lil guy he was thrilled wasn't he 

Maddie and our neighbor friend

Happy Belated Halloween
We enjoyed a night of trick or treating at the park & our neighborhood
However our lil train conductor was sick, yucky cold & ear infection
He wanted to dress up and threw a fit that he couldn't go :(
Broke my heart 

TGIF !!! sorry for the lack of posts, busy week of Sickness, Another Job Interview, Daycare arranging, Drug tests (ugh) oh boy
Enjoy your weekend