Thursday, September 29, 2011


Beach access area for our house
This year we stayed in Southern Shores which was a little different than Rodanthe. I liked being close to activities Restaurants & things to do.

Testing out the pool temp
Look at those tan lil feet

Playing miniture golf with daddy or Miner Golf as she calls it

Enjoying pool time with Daddy

Love this sky, view of our top deck

Collecting Beach flowers along the path we travelled to get to the beach access

Shark's tooth

Rays at the aquarium

Lil Sand crab Maddie loved chasing them

My shell stash love the deep purples

Thought I'd share a few vacation photos, I love the unexpected detail shots I found on my camera.  Some that are just pretty, some that are simple shots but still are treasured memories from our vacation. Such as the one of those cute hands holding a flower and the shot of her and daddy's feet learning
to play miniature golf. Remember the little things when taking photos, might not seem like much now but one day you'll look but and remember that moment
that event, that place, that thing...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Accessories

While I am still downloading our vacation pictures
so today thought I'd post about some cute stuff
I added to my shop before I left. Some handmade earrings and bobbi pins.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm back

We are back from our OBX vacation
We had a great time., still unpacking
and getting back to our normal schedule
Tons of pictures to share but for now here are some taken from my phone

Friday, September 16, 2011

Grandparents day

This was our painting for Grandparents Day inspired by some cool kid paintings on Pinterest
Check out my Pinterest boards here

So happy it's friday
We leave tomorrow for vacation
Our Rodanthe Beach House Vacation was cancelled no thanks to
Hurricaine Irene damage the Hatteras Island is nonaccessable
due to 5 breaches on the main road in
I feel so bad for the people that live there. I've been following
the progress on facebook and it looks like the temporary bridge
is half way done :)
So anyway we ending up booking another beach house in Southern Shores NC
Am excited even thou the temps might be cooler looks like
it'll be nice to get away.
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Zero 7 one 9

I  just got this beauty in the mail
from the Etsy shop Zero7one9 
Jamie's shop is full of hip modern accessories check it out here.
I love my clutch and have used it several times already.
It's extremely well crafted, The fabric choices are beautiful
It has a removable strap, the inside has 2 credit card pockets and
has coordinating fabric. I use mine to hold my license, a couple credit cards, dollars (when I have my phone, a pen and some chapstick..oh and my handy dandy hand santizer.
It's wonderful to put all of these essentials in one place
and throw it in my diaper bag. Instead of having to carry a purse, camera bag
and diaper bag. I can use this and forget about the purse.
I have also used it yard saleing., I throw my keys, cell, money and go.
I plan on taking mine on vacation this weekend! Will definatly come in handy.
You must check out Jamie's shop zero7one9 and check out her other
goodies., She has another clutch in different modern fabric. And the cutest
aprons. I need to get one for Maddie. Her clutches and aprons would make
great Christmas gifts, Wouldn't you love a clutch in your stocking ?
Could be a cute teachers gift, tuck a little gift card inside for them.

Jamie's has graciously offered you guys
10% OFF your order
Use Coupon Code MCH10

Also check out Jamie's blog
She's so creative, love her tutorials

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Say No to Auto

I just finished reading Kristen Duke's E Book
I thought a would share some info on this book thought
some of you might be interested. 
This book is perfect for beginners or someone that might need a refresher.
Her book which is 17 pages long shares the 3 Basic steps
to understanding Manual Camera Settings.
If you are intimidated by your wordy hard to read manual or if your nervous about turning that dial off the Auto setting. This book
will be a great resource. The book has in the first couple pages a glossary of helpful photography terms, great for a beginner.
 She starts the book by explaining in great detail
the 3 basic steps that work together to form as she calls it a "perfect recipe" in a shot.  Starting with how to determine your ISO. She gives excellant 
example lighting condition situations and the ISO that she recommends for them. In the back of the book she also gives photo examples of each lighting condition. This is great! If you have no idea where to start. Read this part. Then she goes on to help you identify your aperture. She again gives great photo examples. I am a visual learner, this part was right up my alley. She finishes up with helping you adjust your shutter speed.
Kristen fills you up with great easy to understand information then
challenges you by giving you practice formulas.
Great homework!

You can purchase Kristen E book here for $10
(note it can be printed in 4x6 form to stash in your camera bag)
You can also order a hard copy of the book here for $20
Ordering info is on the right hand side of the page

Stop by and check out Kristen's blog here
She's a natural light photographer and has a great eye!
Love her Decorating with Portraits posts

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Handmade goodies

Check out this new Burlap Wreath in my shop
Love the bright colors

Fresh new shot of this scrappy flower purse

New sweatshirt I made Maddie
Email if you'd like one, I am going to try different designs

I love Sewing, Crafting & Creating
Sometimes its a stress reliever 
Just wish I had more time
I try to do at least one thing a night after the kids go to bed
of course thats after I put the dishes away, fold any laundry
or pack lunches for the next day.. whew

Just added the burlap wreath to my Etsy shop
Cute addition to your door or wall for Fall
The purse is an old item I just freshened up the photo
trying to clear out to make more room for new goodies

Monday, September 12, 2011

Heavy D's 3 month photo shoot

We are a little late for our 3 month photo shoot
Better late than never right, Didn't help we had a whole week of rain
I enlisted big sister's help with the shoot
She was so excited, and laughed cause he was so wiggly

We had a pretty laid back weekend,
Celebrated Grandparents day yesterday and will today at Maddie's school.
Can't wait to show the artwork we made for both sets of grandparents.

Pretty busy week, lots of things to get done before we leave for
vacation on saturday. Check in this week for an E Photography Book review,
Also a product review with special discount. And some new Etsy shop additions.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Finally here are a few photos from our Sunday date
Tom and got a babysitter yay!!
With it being Labor day we weren't sure where to go
because of traffic & people.
But we ended up going to Rehoboth and having a yummy lunch at
Dogfish and hitting up some shops. I had dogfish tacos with a spicy dressing and black beans over rice yum!
I was kind of nervous about the whole dogfish thing. But it
was so good. Apparently Dogfish is a shark.
Tom had a huge burger which he could hardly open his mouth
big enough to eat it, it came with tasty homemade fries.
Then on our way home we stopped at a Dairy Farm that makes their own ice cream on route 9. The parking lot was packed.
The silo with ice cream cone caught my attention.
I know we waited 20 minutes for our ice cream but it was worth the wait.
I had Choco Chip Cookie Dough and Tom Black Raspberry.
Check out their flavors in the photo above.
I want to try the Strawberry Cheesecake.
It was thick, and tasted so good. I savored it all the way home.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Big 85

Thought I'd share a few pictures from a couple weekends ago
We went to West Minister, MD for a 85th birthday party for Tom's Grandma
It was nice to visit with everyone as we don't get to see everyone that much.
Plus it was their first time meeting Dalton.
Whom is name after that side of the family anyone.
Maddie had a ball playing with the twins, and taking turns riding on their
Tractors. She got a little to adventurous and tried riding on the hood
while one of the boys drove...yeah that was fun.
Baby D just hung out and got passed around
We had Crabs and catered goodies
Yummy sweet corn from Tom's Uncle Jeff's garden
And my favorite so awesome Strawberry cake
Which is my favorite in the whole world. I just got the recipe.
Can't wait to try it, trying to hold off as I know I'll eat the whole thing probably.

In other news, I posted about new items in my Etsy shop yesterday
and have already sold a few things. Was tickled to see an employee of Martha Stewart Living bought something. How cool is that ?
Wonder if it's for Martha ?