Thursday, September 8, 2011

Big 85

Thought I'd share a few pictures from a couple weekends ago
We went to West Minister, MD for a 85th birthday party for Tom's Grandma
It was nice to visit with everyone as we don't get to see everyone that much.
Plus it was their first time meeting Dalton.
Whom is name after that side of the family anyone.
Maddie had a ball playing with the twins, and taking turns riding on their
Tractors. She got a little to adventurous and tried riding on the hood
while one of the boys drove...yeah that was fun.
Baby D just hung out and got passed around
We had Crabs and catered goodies
Yummy sweet corn from Tom's Uncle Jeff's garden
And my favorite so awesome Strawberry cake
Which is my favorite in the whole world. I just got the recipe.
Can't wait to try it, trying to hold off as I know I'll eat the whole thing probably.

In other news, I posted about new items in my Etsy shop yesterday
and have already sold a few things. Was tickled to see an employee of Martha Stewart Living bought something. How cool is that ?
Wonder if it's for Martha ?

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  1. Love the pic of all the grandparents. So sweet. (Came over from Larson Lingo)


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