Monday, January 31, 2011

For Sale

Inside has 5 pockets for lens & flash and a deep opening in the middle for your camera body or lens.
Large pocket on outside perfect for your SD,CF Cards, Extra Batteries, Manuel etc.

For Sale:
Cute Camera "shoot" Bag
Since I have added a Shootsac & a JoTotes bag
to my camera equipment stash.
I need to get rid of some things.
One is my Kristine bag by Tracy Joy Bags.
Simple cloth bag, pretty sturdy. Plenty of room.
Brown with black shoulder strap. Not good for carrying all of your equipment but perfect to store a
couple lens & flash while shooting. Basically a cheaper version of the Shootsac.  The Bag hugs your body and is comfortable to wear even loaded.
Would even be good for the Mamarazzi to store diapers and your camera.
I am asking $35 including the matching camera strap cover. Email me at
if your interested.

It's a ???

Another Belly shot

Don't mind my wrinkley shirt or the fact that my husband cut my head off..

But we found
we are having a BOY !!!

We are so excited!
Ready to proceed with fixing up the nursery.
Picking out a name
Getting Big Sis in a big girl bed...ugh

Monday, January 24, 2011

Snapshot of our week

This is a picture of what our week has been like
finding comfort lying in laundry baskets
 watching cartoons our house was hit by the flu bug
Just when Maddie started to get fairly better
I started coming down with it.
Luckily my OB called in an RX
and that has been helping.
So tired of winter come on Spring..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stocking the shelves

Ruffled Fishy Hand Towel Set

Beachy Hand Towel

Long Sleeved Birdie onesie

Fishy onesie (see below burpie to match)

Dressed to Impress Onesie

Elephant Onesie

Scrappy flower Tank

Scrappy Flower polo

Sweet Birdie Burp cloths

Bobbi Pins

Flower earrings & Bobbi pin

Whale Pin 

My Etsy shop is mostly stocked, for the most part I have a few things
 I am still working on adding, so check back often.
Held up as I have a sick lil girl again. 
Now she has the flu, yuck High fever and all that good stuff.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Good Golly

Okay, I'm being brave here and posting a belly photo
This is me at 17 wks.. Whoa Mama!!
Can't even imagine how I will look by June


Sorry these pictures aren't bigger/better tried using iphoto instead of Adobe
and when I go to make the photos larger they're blurring.. grr...
Not sure what I did. I'll have to work on that.

Anyway sharing a few photos from our watercolor experience.
Maddie got a pack of watercolor from Santa and has been begging to
use them. So we finally got them out and she painted to her hearts desire.
It took awhile for her to get the process down, and she was so into it.
Although we had a few mishaps she kept calling her glass of water to
wash brushs in "juice". And then she spilled it..
She loves arts & craft stuff like her mom.
Hope she continues to enjoy Art as she gets older.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Taken a time out today to slow down and take it all in
my mind is going a hundred miles an hour, so am I
Feeling like I am all of the place
So many things to do, things I need to do and things I want to do
There just isn't enough time in the day

Friday, January 7, 2011

Yellow flower pitcher & Prints

Check out this cute little sunshine pitcher
I added to my Etsy shop

Getting ready to try some sort of sale,
Want to make room for some new things
more crafty stuff.
Tea towels, Onesies, T shirts,
A Scrappy Purse, Burp cloths
Bobbi pins & Earrings
We'll see how it goes I'm excited for the
change. I will still have some vintage goodies too.

I am slowly adding photos of mine to my shop
Here are a few that I have just added
sold as 8x10 available in different sizes
and as stationary blank greeting cards
Hoping to add some photo sets, to be sold as a pair
or a group of mixed images cards. Like flowers, landscapes etc.

Baby Planning & Nesting

So my wheels are already turning on the nursery for baby #2
I have decided I want to use the colors, aqua & orange
whether it's a boy or a girl.
And I don't want to do too themey but want to use owls
So far I have bought an Owl ABC print (in aqua blue )off of Etsy.
And a vinyl cling of two owls one orange & one aqua

In process of working on Maddie's big girl room.
We want to switch her from the crib to a big girl bed.
Thanks goodness she loves the crib and hasn't tried to
escape yet. But now nervous how the new bed thing is going to go.
We  bought a twin bed awhile ago and want to repaint it.
Right now it's hot pink, and I want to paint it a
Robin's egg blue. Her walls are Coral now.
And her room is done in a fish/mermaid like theme.

Big hold up is getting the bed redone  I am ready to get started.
Anyway here are a few things
I am crushing on off of Etsy.

I am loving the Moda owl fabric.
I definatly want to get a quilt
This quilt is my #1 favorite of mine.
You can get this in a quilt kit.
I have been wanting to try and make a quilt
but I feel extremely intimidated.

Like the color scheme of this quilt

Love this pillow

Owl Print comes in blue or orange

Would love this print in Orange & Aqua 
Have to pick out a name first  
Number #2 quilt choice
a little busy but I love the colors

Quilt option maybe for a girl ?

I went back and added the Etsy links :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Resolution

My New Years Resolution was to
Organize & Simplify

So I started with step 1

New desk &Sewing table
accomplished 1/1/11
Hubby got me a Mac desktop for Christmas
so instead of the trash find table that just wasn't working. It was too wide.
It's more like a kitchen table.
 I have wanted a desk with storage.
So I researched
and ended up with some convicing
getting hubby to go to Ikea.
Where we saved greatly.
And got just what we wanted.

The computer desk

Sewing table we got white legs
 to match the desk base

Step 2

Declutter the house

Accomplished some of that this weekend with a
Huge pile for Goodwill
and a huge pile for the consignment shop
Feels great to get rid of some things
going room by room and decluttering.

Hoping to show pictures of the after room
if I ever get it done..