Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Resolution

My New Years Resolution was to
Organize & Simplify

So I started with step 1

New desk &Sewing table
accomplished 1/1/11
Hubby got me a Mac desktop for Christmas
so instead of the trash find table that just wasn't working. It was too wide.
It's more like a kitchen table.
 I have wanted a desk with storage.
So I researched
and ended up with some convicing
getting hubby to go to Ikea.
Where we saved greatly.
And got just what we wanted.

The computer desk

Sewing table we got white legs
 to match the desk base

Step 2

Declutter the house

Accomplished some of that this weekend with a
Huge pile for Goodwill
and a huge pile for the consignment shop
Feels great to get rid of some things
going room by room and decluttering.

Hoping to show pictures of the after room
if I ever get it done..

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