Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oxford Shoot

Mast reflection in boat shop window

Sunset between two pilings (spelling ?)

Old radio in the Church

Here are a few shots from the Oxford shoot last friday night.
Tom picked Maddie up from Daycare so I could go !! Yay!
I joined some friends from the Camera Club on a Sunset & Moon rise shoot
on the waterfront in Oxford.  We had access to two local churches and
boatyard and onto the ferry dock for the sunset.
It was blowing like crazy and a little chilly. My hands were freezing.
Hard to believe when this week it's in the high 70's !  Anyway..
Someone came up with idea for the shoot  to get the moon rising in the background of the shot and the reflection of the sunseting in the wine bottle & glass. See my photo above. I tried, others I am sure got better shots.
I didn't bring my tripod, as I hate it.
I don't have the patience for it.


  1. great job Christy -
    it looks like fun -
    I have been forcing myself to get out there and shoot anything just for more practice -
    hope it works

  2. Very pretty pictures! I love shots on the water at sunset.

    I am playing with my tri pod a little bit here and there. Trying to get the hang of it!

  3. Christy
    I love your work and love the photos of the rusty crusty doors. Thanks for stopping by my blog and signing up for the give away.

  4. i miss oxford
    i like the radio! is the church abandoned?

  5. ALL of these photos are so perfectly vintage! Thanks so much for linking up :)


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