Monday, May 24, 2010

Karb Kings - Car show

Sucker for White Walls

Hulk hogan look alike.. I know I am so bad. But I couldn't resist
Hey is that a grocery bag of Coors light ?

Well here's a few shots from the Car show on Saturday.
The weather was perfect. Sunny & Breezy!
I blinded people and wore shorts...
We had the best pit beef in the world.
I loved seeing the old cars, and the crazy cars.
I so want a big car with a huge steering wheel., I like the old Chevy wagons too.
We have a 53 Ford truck ,Tom's working on. Can't wait to see it finished.
Hopefully I will be alive to see it finished... Just kidding.
It's been a 2yr project.. He's very particular let's just say that.
That's a good thing thou right ?

We had a busy weekend, It's seem like we are always on the go.
Friday we had our pictures taken by a fellow photographer friend.
(I think they turned out good! I'll have to share when I get them.)
The session made me itch to get back into scheduling more photo shoots.
It's so hard with a little one & a full time job.
I promise to make time and set some up. I love enjoy taking photos.


  1. My husband would love to restore and old classic car..., so our next home will have a garage, or rather garages!!!

  2. some great shots of the old cars -


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