Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Designs

Sorry for the Johnny rain cloud post 
yesterday just one of those days
back today on a much happier post
wanted to share some new designs I recently added to my shop

Loving these Whale of Time Pillowcases
the navy and pink is a great combo
The pink makes it pop

Imagine these for a teens room, guest room
Beach House Bedroom ?? lots of ideas

Another favorite of mine are these
Catching fireflies Mason Jar Pillowcases

Perfect for a cottage by the sea 

Love the detail and the aqua pom pom trim

Also added a different version of my Birds on a Wire
design this one is blue with yellow birdies made out of vintage fabric

I have since added some button eyes for more detail

And this is my version of  Polka Dot Pillowcase
My favorite thing about this one is the different
stitching each circle has, when washed it will leave
it circle with it's own weathered look giving it lots of texture

Like always stop by and check out my shop
I have been steady adding stuff lots more to come

Click here Sew Vintage 

1 comment:

  1. Your cottage by the sea linens are fabulous! I adore the OWL!

    I need to work on my sewing machine tension, it is breaking my needles but I am not much with machinery anyway!

    Love to go thrift anyday by the sea! Just to get there and Welcome to North Carolina!
    Smiles, cyndi


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