Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Puddle Jumping

After like 3 hours of listening to a certain someone beg to play in the giant mud puddle in the backyard, she even came out with her bathing suit on 

Pouring rain in the a.m. turned into a steamy hot afternoon
So I gave in and let them have at it, Someone was more dainty at the mud puddle jumping then I expected, her brother not so
He charged right in, lost a croc half way thru and travelled on

They splashed and splashed and had a ball
in the mud and the muck
Reminds me when I was little we had a big storm
and our ditches over flowed big time, and all of us neighborhood kids
went swimming... gross yes
But a great childhood memory

Hoping my kids have lots of these
realize sometimes we have to let them go explore
get messy!!

Here's the one shoe off one shoe on, capture mid mud splash

One was soaked, One had splash dots up her legs
Warm Bath afterward and Lunch and everyone was ready for a nap

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  1. great post! looks like a great moment to capture. they are truly precious. blessings to you!

    Allie @ Framed by God


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