Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The 2nd Child Syndrome

Why Hello, Beautiful morning here
Found this shot on my camera of my boy
Super cute & Super Ornery 24-7
I've heard people talk about the 2nd child syndrome 
You know the 2nd child whom is always the more of a handful than the first
Well this is so our little guy, he's a great lil guy
He's a total 360 of what his sister was
She was an easy girl, she went to sleep, she listened
whew... not him maybe it's a boy thing thou
He's into everything, This week he's learned to sneek out of his crib
mattress is lowered as low as it will go.
I have no idea how he's doing it he's so quiet.
I thought for sure I would he grunts, or a boom when he hits the floor

My brother was a handful, he ate plants he was into everything
 including under the sink
So I think my little guy is like his uncle

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