Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Easter

Goodies from the Easter Bunny
Goldfish, M&M's, Dinosaur coloring book

Hunting Egg in her jammies

Great job!

Posing with the bunnies

Hunting Butterflies w/Daddy or Bees as she told me..
Look at those

Hunting egg in action

Mouth wide open screaming

Whoa she found all of these all by herself

Blowing Bubbles

One of my favorite shots of the day

We had a blast Easter Sunday
We traveled to Westminster to have Easter dinner with Tom's Aunt
and family. We had a blast! My girl was wore out.
She screamed when she saw the eggs and continued to scream
everytime she found one. Of course when she was thru
she wanted more eggs. So later on they had another hunt.
She was so happy and so into it. She found all of them all by herself.
We had a very nice dinner, I made Hummingbird cake!
believe it or not and it was quite good. I'll have to share
the Martha Stewart recipe I found. Reminds me alot of carrot cake kind of.
It was nice to catch up with Tom's side of the family.,
I do miss getting together with my family.
Everyone seems to go their seperate ways

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