Wednesday, April 13, 2011

T Shirt Time

Smiley Kitty Cat Shirt Size 6-6x

Close up, the lighting is a little off colors are true to first picture

Cupcake Tee Size Small 6-6x

Big cheese! from my assistant

Truck Tee Size Small 6-6X

Maddie showing off the shirt I made her 
From Crystal's @ little bit funky she has alot of fun tutorials

Playing in Baby Brothers Nursery

Cupcake Tee Small 6-6X 

Maddie's Shirt ain't it cute

Another Cupcake Tee Small 6-6X

I wanted to share a couple leftovers I have from a large order I did
for a customer and her friends. This is what I have left. Most are all
the same size. Cherokee Brand (Target) Size Small 6-6X
If interested email me at
Thought I'd do a preview here before I put them on Etsy.
They are for sale for $10 includes shipping

Off work today home with Maddie whom ran a fever last night
and has a lot of congestion, thanks to the wonderful green pollen 
that has blanketed everything here. 
She's feeling a little better this afternoon

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